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The Wild Story Behind Shane and Lori’s Walking Dead Sex Scene

Lori Shane walking dead

Even after seven seasons and a ton of brutal deaths, we will never forget The Walking Dead's Shane and Lori. While Rick Grimes found himself comatose in a hospital bed, the two began an affair that would eventually threaten to tear the entire Grimes family apart. Now it seems that there's actually a bizarre story behind their intense Season 1 sex scene. Jon Bernthal explained:

I had this idea that when we met in the woods, I should turn Sarah over. We're in a zombie apocalypse. It's carnal. We just want to fuck, you know? And I hear calling from behind the monitors: 'Stop thrusting!

Jon Bernthal recently spoke to GQ about his role as Shane on The Walking Dead (the role that ultimately made him a household name) and it's an utterly bizarre story. Seeing the relationship between Shane and Lori as a very "carnal" and primal one, Bernthal turned his co-star over and approached the scene in a very physical and forceful manner. Sex scenes are nothing new in the realm of television, but the one shared between Shane and Lori in Season 1 of The Walking Dead became instantly notable for the sheer intensity and aggression depicted -- even the crew felt the need to call them out for it while filming.

You can check out the scene in question below to see for yourself. It's bordering on NSFW so watch at your own risk:

That's definitely not a romantic scene, and Jon Bernthal seemed to understand that while filming. Knowing what we know now about Judith's parentage (spoiler alert: it's not Rick), it makes her very existence feel even more painful for the show's hero.

Of course, it's obviously worth acknowledging that Shane did in fact fall in love with Lori over the course of his time on the series. Despite the lack of intimacy in the first sex scene, his feelings for her eventually became more and more prominent -- leading him on a collision course with Rick. It has us wondering what could've happened if the affair had never happened, and Shane had survived long enough to face off against Negan.

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