Will Smith Is Not Pumped About Filming Gemini Man In Georgia

The process of making a movie often involves braving the elements. Mad Max: Fury Road sent George Miller and his crew to the unforgiving deserts of Australia, while The Revenant put Leonardo DiCaprio through hell. With that in mind, it is not uncommon to see actors complain about their shooting locations, and it looks like Will Smith has a one problem with shooting Ang Lee's new movie, Gemini Man, in Georgia: the bugs. Check out a video posted by the Suicide Squad star, below.

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Acting in a movie is not all red carpets and junket interviews, and it looks like the shooting schedule for Ang Lee's Gemini Man has taken Will Smith out to a fairly lush, green area of the Georgia countryside. While it certainly looks pretty (and Smith actually makes sure to note that he does love Georgia in that video) the incessant bugs have also started to annoy him. In fact, it was only his first day of shooting for the film when he posted that video, but he already needed to hide under a mosquito net in an attempt to keep the insects from eating him alive.

Despite Will Smith's Instagram video pleading for someone to do something about Georgia's bug problem, it is something that he (and many other well-known actors) will likely have to get used to. Georgia has become an incredibly popular shooting location for a variety of movie and television projects in recent years due to financial incentives to film there. In fact, major media companies like Disney have become significant sources of revenue for the southern state in recent years. Those bugs might be a huge problem for someone like Smith who makes a living with his face, but Georgia is still where the work is.

As for the movie itself, Gemini Man stars Will Smith as a veteran assassin named Henry Brogan. The film follows him as he finds himself in the crosshairs of a younger contract killer who seems to have the ability to predict every single one of Brogan's moves. As Gemini is an astrological sign often represented by twins, the film's title seems to suggest that the younger assassin's ability to predict Brogan's tactics implies a much closer relationship between them than one might initially assume, leading to a battle between a man and his clone. In addition to Will Smith, Gemini Man has also enlisted a stacked supporting cast that consists of 10 Cloverfield Lane's Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sin City's Clive Owen, and Doctor Strange's Benedict Wong.

CinemaBlend will keep you posted with any updates on whether or not Will Smith got anyone to handle Georgia's bug and insect problems. Until then, make sure to mark Gemini Man's October 4, 2019 release date down on your calendars.

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