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Psych's Dule Hill Just Landed His Next TV Role

Dule Hill has a consistent source of laughs on the small screen for years as Gus on Psych. Now, he's headed to another show that sounds like a great fit for him.

Watch Ellen Reunite With Oprah And More For Memorable Sitcom Anniversary

Ellen DeGeneres changed the TV landscape forever back in 1997 when her lead sitcom character came out as gay. Now, DeGeneres is bringing together a group of stars to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the big episode.

Family Matters Stars Reunite, Immediately Spark Talks About Steve Urkel's Return

TV is in an era of reunions and revivals, and a new picture of Family Members cast members has us wondering if the Winslow family and Urkel will be back on the small screen. Check it out!

Watch Bill Nye Sort Of Explain Stranger Things

One of the most unexpected small screen smash hits of 2016 was Netflix's Stranger Things. Now, legendary science guy Bill Nye has taken it upon himself to explain just what happened ont he show.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Revealed A.I.D.A.'s Master Plan, And Wow

The last several episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 have pitted the good guys against A.I.D.A. Now, we know why A.I.D.A. is doing what she's doing, and it's a doozy of a reason.

The Touching Way Orange Is The New Black Is Honoring Poussey

Poussey's death in Orange Is the New Black Season 4 made for a devastating twist. Now, Netflix has found a way to honor her in the real world.

The Unexpected Reason Why Savitar Just Revealed His Identity

The biggest mystery of The Flash Season 3 has been the identity of Savitar. Now, the supervillain has revealed who he is beneath the armor, and he did it for a shocking reason.

Into The Badlands Renewed For Season 3 At AMC, And There's More Good News

AMC has officially given the renewal order for Into the Badlands, and that's not the only good news for fans.

DC's New Titans TV Show Confirms Another Badass Comic Hero

A new Titans TV show is finally on the way with a lineup of classic DC superheroes. Now, we officially know one more who will appear.

Netflix Is Heading To The One Place It Wasn't Expecting

The streaming giant Netflix is available in many countries all over the world, but there was one that seemed like it would never get Netflix. Now, we know differently.

Why A Writers Strike Would Hit The Walking Dead Really Hard

A major writers strike may be happening sooner rather than later in showbiz, and it turns out that The Walking Dead could be hugely affected for one major reason.

Did Norman Live Or Die In Bates Motel's Series Finale? Here's What Happened

Bates Motel has finally come to an end after five seasons, and we found out whether or not Norman could survive the end of the series.

The Crazy Amount Of Money Game Of Thrones' Stars Are Probably Making In Seasons 7 And 8

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest shows on television, and it sounds like the main stars are going to be very well-paid for their work in the Seasons 7 and 8.

Watch Rob Lowe's New Colonel Sanders In KFC's Latest WTF Commercial

Rob Lowe stars in a brand new commercial from KFC, and it's... interesting. Check it out!

Eliza Dushku Will Play A Dominating Sorceress For Her Next Big TV Role

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Eliza Dushku is slated to play a brand new role in a brand new show that will take her in a direction we haven't seen from her before. Here's what we know.

Two Gotham Characters That Are Getting Way Darker

Gotham has never exactly been the lightest show on television, and it seems that the show will get even darker when it comes to two key characters in the rest of Season 3.

ABC Just Got A Lot Easier To Watch For Cord-Cutters

Disney and ABC have some pretty fabulous news for TV fans who have given up their cable packages.

The Big Ways Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Is Changing Because Of Rogue One

Star Wars Rebels is pretty close to the events of Rogue One and the original trilogy in the Star Wars timeline by this point; now, the showrunner has revealed how Rogue One will affect Rebels in Season 4.

What NCIS Fans Need To See In The Season Finale, According To The EP

The end of NCIS Season 14 is fast-approaching, and the executive producer has weighed in on what's coming in the big finale.

4 X-Files Questions We Want Answered In Season 11

Fox has officially renewed The X-Files for an eleventh season, and we've already come up with a list of major questions that deserve answering when the show returns to the airwaves.

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