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Could Hannibal Season 4 Actually Happen Soon? Here's What Bryan Fuller Says

NBC had a show unlike anything else on network TV with Hannibal, and fans have been hoping for a fourth season ever since it was cancelled back in 2015. Now, showrunner Bryan Fuller has news.

Chicago P.D. Is Losing A Major Star For Season 5

NBC has a good thing going with its Chicago franchise, but Chicago P.D. will look quite different in Season 5 due to the departure of one huge star.

Is Malcolm Merlyn Really Dead In The Arrow-verse? Here's What John Barrowman Says

The Arrow Season 5 finale pointed toward a possible grim fate for Malcolm Merlyn. Now, actor John Barrowman has revealed whether Malcolm is currently dead or alive.

Why Supernatural Fans Shouldn't Get Their Hopes Up About One Star's Return

Supernatural kills off an awful lot of its characters, but many of those characters come back in some form or other. Unfortunately for fans, it seems that one character is going to be staying quite dead.

This Price Is Right Contestant Is The Most Excited Thing On TV While Breaking A Plinko Record

One recent competitor on The Price Is Right had an exciting (and excitable) ride as he broke a Plinko record. Prepare yourself for an abundance of enthusiasm and check it out!

Watch Stephen Amell Rock The Salmon Ladder On Celebrity Ninja Warrior

A bunch of celebrities got together to try an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course for charity. Arrow's Stephen Amell channeled his inner superhero for his run, and it was absolutely epic.

Silicon Valley Is Losing One Of Its Biggest Stars

We have some unfortunate news for folks who are fans of the existing dynamic of the HBO comedy Silicon Valley. One major star is leaving.

All The Questions The Arrow Finale Answered

The Arrow Season 5 finale marked the end of an era, and the episode had to fit a lot into one hour of television. Luckily, it managed to answer plenty of important questions. Check them out!

The Internet's Best Reactions To ABC's Dirty Dancing Remake

ABC has officially aired its musical remake of the 1987 classic film Dirty Dancing, and reactions... haven't been too positive. Check out the best of the reactions!

Black Sails' Creators Have A Badass New TV Show On The Way

Black Sails came to an end on Starz in the 2016-2017 TV season. Now, the folks behind the scenes have a new project in the works that sounds positively badass.

How Arrow's Season 5 Finale Was The Perfect Set-Up For Season 6

The Arrow Season 5 finale marked the end of an era, and it just so happens that it was the perfect way to set up Season 6.

Wait, Did Arrow Really Kill All Those Characters Off?

Arrow has spent the past five years building to the finale that would close the book on Oliver's five years of hell. The finale has finally aired, and it was pretty much a bloodbath. Here's who did and did not die!

One Supernatural Star Definitely Won't Be Back For Season 13

The Season 12 finale of Supernatural was a total bloodbath as a ton of characters seemed to be killed off. We now know of one who will definitively not be back for Season 13.

Arrow's Finale Either Has A Continuity Error Or A New Flashpoint Reveal

The Arrow Season 5 finale is only hours away, and a new detail about what's to come points to what is either a huge continuity error or a new Flashpoint twist. Check it out!

How The Arrow-verse Is Like The Avengers, According To One Star

Superheroes are all the rage on the big and small screens nowadays. One Supergirl star has revealed to CinemaBlend just how the Arrow-verse and The Avengers are very similar.

How Savitar Was Finally Defeated On The Flash Finale

Season 3 of The Flash has officially come to an end, and we finally learned how Barry and Co. could possibly defeat him. Here's what happened.

The Crazy Amount Of Money Katy Perry Will Be Making For American Idol

ABC's American Idol signed music superstar Katy Perry as its first judge. Now we have an idea of how much she'll be making, and it's a pretty crazy amount.

Leah Remini's Scientology Show Set To Air A Big Special Before Season 2

Scientology became a hot topic on TV in 2016 thanks to A&E's new series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Now, we know that a big special will air in the not-too-distant future.

The Hilarious Time Outlander's Sam Heughan Got Seasick On A Fake Boat, According To Diana Gabaldon

Showbiz isn't all glitz and glamor for many actors, and Sam Heughan of Outlander recently discovered that it's definitely possible to get seasick on dry land. Read on for what happened!

Dirty Dancing Review: ABC's Musical Remake Is Fun But Falls Short Of The Original

ABC's musical version of the classic 1987 movie Dirty Dancing will soon make its primetime debut, and it's a fun way to kick off the summer TV schedule, although movie fans may find it lacking.

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