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Where Rick Is Going To Get All Those Guns On The Walking Dead
Guns are a valuable commodity in the zombie apocalypse, and Rick is going to need a lot more of them if he wants to win over a new ally. He'll have to go to a pretty unexpected source to try and get the weapons.
Why Thea Has Been On Arrow Way Less, According To One Producer
Arrow fans have noticed that Thea Queen hasn't been around all the much in Season 5. Now, the executive producer has come out to explain why.
How Supergirl Will Jeopardize Her Secret Identity
Supergirl has always had pretty lax standards with how easily Kara lives her double life, but she will soon make a move that could jeopardize her secret identity in a big way.
Timeless Is Dealing With Some Problems Outside Of Its Ratings
Time travel made its way to NBC last fall with the series premiere of Timeless, but the show is now facing some trouble that has little to do with how it's performing in the ratings.
How Aquaman Fits Into Powerless' DC Universe
NBC's new comic book series Powerless has already included some epic references to DC Comics heroes. The latest episode revealed how Aquaman fits into the Powerless universe, and it's pretty great.
First Love Actually Sequel Photos Will Give You A Major Flashback
A Love Actually sequel is in the works for the small screen. We just got our first look at filming, and any movie fans are in for an adorable blast from the past. Take a look!
Check Out The First Look At The Flash's New Gorilla Character
Gorillas will make a not-so-grand return to The Flash in the next episode. We now have a first look at the brand new primate to make his way into the Scarlet Speedster's life, and it's pretty crazy. Check it out!
Watch Tom Hardy Grunt 70 Times In One Of The Oddest Supercuts Ever Produced
Tom Hardy is back on the small screen as the leading man of FX's Taboo, and he's developed the habit of making some interesting sounds in key scenes. Somebody cut them all together, and it's...well, it's something. Take a look!
Benedict Cumberbatch Is Headed Back To TV For A New Project
British actor Benedict Cumberbatch became a big name on the small screen thanks to the first four seasons of Sherlock. Now, he's headed back to TV for a brand new role that sounds pretty fantastic.
Is The Odd Couple Getting Cancelled? Here's What Thomas Lennon Says
The Odd Couple had the recipe for success on CBS, but it hasn't done especially well in primetime. Star Thomas Lennon spoke to CinemaBlend about the chances of a cancellation. Read on to see what he had to say!
How Lethal Weapon's Leo Getz Is Different Than In The Movies
Fox debuted one of the most ambitious new series of 2016 with Lethal Weapon, and the movie character Leo Getz is soon to make his debut. CinemaBlend spoke with Thomas Lennon about tackling the role of Leo. Take a look!
A Love Actually Sequel Is Coming To TV, Here's What It's About
A sequel to the classic Christmas movie Love Actually is in the works, and it will happen on the small screen. A surprising number of big name actors will be back to reprise their roles. Read on to find out who!
How Donald Trump Has Affected Stephen Colbert's Ratings
Late night television has plenty of meaty material to cover now that Donald Trump has taken office as president. The numbers are in for The Late Show during Trump's tenure so far, and they paint an interesting picture.
Marvel's Cloak And Dagger Just Added Way More Cast Members
An intriguing new Marvel series is headed to TV, and we now know just who will hit the small screen as part of Cloak and Dagger.
What Metallica Really Thought Of The Lady Gaga Grammy Duet
One of the biggest numbers out of the 2017 Grammys came when Metallica hit the stage with Lady Gaga herself. Now, one member of Metallica has revealed the band's reaction to the crazy performance.
Andre The Giant Documentary Is Headed To HBO
HBO is bringing the story of a beloved sports and film actor to the small screen, and what we know so far makes it sound like it could be pretty fantastic.
Why The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Was So Fun To Shoot, According To The Director
The Walking Dead has finally returned from its winter hiatus, and the second half of Season 7 got off to an action-packed start in the midseason premiere that was evidently an awful lot of fun to film.
How Supergirl Finally Introduced Lex Luthor
Supergirl has been teasing big names from DC Comics from the very beginning. In the latest episode, the show finally introduced legendary supervillain Lex Luthor, but not in a way that many might have expected.
Will Arrow Bring Back Suicide Squad Characters? Here's What David Ramsey Says
John Diggle and the Suicide Squad have made for some of the most exciting episodes of Arrow to date. David Ramsey spoke to CinemaBlend about the future of the Squad in the series.
Lucifer Renewed For Season 3 On Fox
Fox has an unexpected hit with the devilishly fun series Lucifer, and the network has officially renewed the show for a third season.
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