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5 Game Of Thrones Characters We Really Want To Be Azor Ahai, Ranked By Likelihood

It's only a matter of time before the new Azor Ahai reveals him- or herself on Game of Thrones, and here are our picks for characters who totally fit the bill.

How Tracy Morgan's New Show Helped Him Ease Back Into Acting After His Major Accident

Tracy Morgan was one of the funniest men in primetime for years thanks to 30 Rock, but a major accident took him out of the comedy game for a while. He's on his way back, and his new show helped him in some big ways.

Chris Pine Is Reuniting With Wonder Woman Director For Exciting New TV Show

Arguably the hottest movie of the summer was Wonder Woman, and two of the people who made the movie happen are getting back together for a brand new TV show that already sounds amazing.

Could The Walking Dead Visit Other Parts Of The World? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

The Walking Dead has been based out of Virginia for a few seasons now, but showrunner Scott Gimple had an interesting answer when asked if the show could visit other parts of the zombie apocalypse.

NCIS Just Cast A New Lead Who Will Make Gibbs' Life More Difficult

A brand new face will be coming to NCIS in the fall, and the character won't exactly make investigations a whole lot easier on Gibbs. Here's what's happening.

Doctor Who's Showrunner Has Blunt Words About The Backlash Over The New Doctor

Doctor Who made history earlier this month when a woman landed the lead role for the very first time. Showrunner Steven Moffat didn't mince words when discussing the backlash of the casting.

Jon Stewart Is Returning To Stand-Up Comedy In New TV Special, Here's What We know

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart has been mostly absent from the small screen in recent years, but he's poised to make a big return to stand-up comedy that could be amazing.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Will Feature A Ton Of Celebrity Guest Stars

HBO is bringing Larry David's comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm back for Season 9 this fall, and a whole bunch of celebrity guest stars are slated to appear. Read on to discover who's coming!

Game Of Thrones' Hot Pie Opened A Real-Life Bakery With The Best Name

Hot Pie made his mark on Game of Thrones as the boy who baked his way into our hearts. Now, the actor who plays Hot Pie has opened a bakery, and he found the perfect name for it.

MythBusters Is Coming Back To TV

MythBusters came to an end with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as hosts back in 2016. Soon, the show will be back, but there will be a couple of big changes.

When Jerome Will Return To Gotham, According To The Executive Producer

Gotham has been bringing a variety of legendary DC Comics rogues to the small screen, and the proto-Joker known as Jerome has been a highlight. Now, the producer has revealed when Jerome will be back.

One Fan-Favorite Arrow Character Will Receive Flashbacks In Season 6

The end of Arrow Season 5 marked the end of Oliver's flashbacks to his five years of hell, but the flashbacks aren't over yet. One fan-favorite character will be the subject of flashbacks in the new season.

Will Marvel's Inhumans Affect Henry Ian Cusick's Work On The 100? Here's What He Told Us

The 100 raised the stakes higher than ever in Season 4, and fans have had to question major characters' fates. Henry Ian Cusick landed a role on Marvel's Inhumans, and he revealed to CinemaBlend whether the new show will affect his work on The 100.

Happy Endings' Zach Knighton Just Landed His Next Big Role

Zach Knighton was one of the funniest actors in primetime for a few years thanks to Happy Endings. Now he's on his way back to the small screen for a new role that could be fabulous.

How Stephen Colbert Did In The Ratings With The Late Show's Russia Week

Stephen Colbert has been on a hot streak with The Late Show in 2017, and he recently tried to heat things up even more with Russia Week. Here's how the week fared in the ratings for Colbert.

Why Supernatural Is Finally Ready For A Spinoff, According To The Showrunner

Supernatural will return to The CW for Season 13 in the fall, and fans will get to see the show's next attempt at launching a spinoff. The showrunner has revealed that the time is finally perfect for a spinoff to happen.

T.J. Miller's Bizarre Reason For Quitting Silicon Valley So Publicly

T.J. Miller recently made a pretty public spectacle of himself as he departed Silicon Valley without mincing any words. Now he has revealed why he had so much to say when he quit.

The Big Change Elektra Will Go Through For The Defenders

Netflix will be kicking off a whole new chapter in Marvel television with The Defenders, and it will bring back Elektra for a new kind of role. Actress Elodie Yung has explained the big change Elektra will go through.

Is Michael Phelps Actually Faster Than Sharks? Here's What The Shark Week Special Revealed

Shark Week is upon us yet again, and Discovery recruited Olympian Michael Phelps to race a couple of sharks to begin the shark action. Here's how he stood up against the creatures.

Two Former Jeopardy Contestants Got Married, And We’re Jealous Of Their Story

Jeopardy is where contestants face off to try and try to take home prize money for their trivia knowledge. Well, two contestants have taken home a lot more, as they were recently married. Here's what happened!

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