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Is Stephen Colbert's Late Night Success Here To Stay? Here's What The Numbers Say
The Late Show has been experiencing some great numbers in recent weeks, and the question has been if they can possibly stay high moving forward. Now, new numbers are in that give an idea.
The Huge Change Arrow Just Made To Oliver's Backstory
Arrow has been bringing Oliver Queen's story full circle for most of Season 5, but the latest episode just dealt up a huge game-changer that alters his entire history as a vigilante.
Jesus' Best Scenes In The Walking Dead So Far, According To Thomas Payne
Thomas Payne is a relatively recent addition to The Walking Dead as Jesus didn't make his debut until the middle of Season 6. Still, he's had some epic scenes, and the actor has some picks for his best.
One Supergirl Character Will Be Around A Lot More In Season 3
Supergirl has plenty of fabulous recurring characters who have dropped in and out in Season 2. Now, one characters has been confirmed as being around plenty more in Season 3.
William Shatner Really, Really Wants The Bachelor's Nick Viall Booted Off Dancing With The Stars
Dancing with the Stars can get viewers pretty worked up about who they want to win or lose, and William Shatner has made it his mission to get one new contestant kicked out of competition.
Lindsay Lohan Has A New TV Show, And It's Not At All What We Expected
Lindsay Lohan hasn't done too much on the showbiz circuit in the last few years, but that looks to be changing. She has an unexpected new show in the works.
10 TV Shows That Had Awful Final Seasons
TV is a competitive game, and not all shows work as well in the end as they did in the beginning. Check out our picks for 10 TV series that had truly terrible final seasons!
Why Arrow's Next Episode Will Be Important For The Flashbacks
Arrow has been building the suspense in the flashbacks in season 5, and the next episode will advance the plot in some pretty key ways.
Why Star Wars Rebels Introduced That Huge Original Trilogy Character
Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn't the only original trilogy character to appear in the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, and it came as a huge surprise.
Watch Rihanna Watching Her Own Bates Motel Sex Scene
Pop sensation Rihanna headed to the small screen for an important role in Bates Motel, which happened to feature a sex scene. She's shared a video of herself watching the scene, and it's pretty great. Check it out!
Will Jesus' Sexuality Be A Bigger Topic On The Walking Dead? Here's What Thomas Payne Says
The latest episode of The Walking Dead revealed a key detail about Jesus' sexuality. Now, the actor has weighed in on whether we'll see it explored further on the show.
The Great Advice Steven Moffat Gave The New Doctor Who Showrunner
Steven Moffat is set to leave Doctor Who behind in the not-too-distant future, and he had some parting advice for his successor as showrunner.
How Long Simmons Will Be Missing On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The last episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended on a doozy of a cliffhanger that left Jemma Simmons' fate in question. Now, we know how long we'll have to wait before finally learning where she went.
Penelope Cruz Is Heading To TV In A Big, Dark Way
Another movie star is heading to the small screen. Penelope Cruz has landed a TV role that should take her in some interesting (and dark) directions.
What The Flash's Grant Gustin Thinks About Fans Hating On Barry
Barry Allen hasn't been the most popular superhero on TV recently. Star Grant Gustin has shared his thoughts about the hate Barry's been getting from fans.
Former Top Gear Host Richard Hammond Injured In Crash For Amazon's The Grand Tour
Shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour aren't exactly the safest work environments for its hosts, and Richard Hammond has suffered injuries due to an incident filming for The Grand Tour.
The Genius Way The Walking Dead Should End For Rick, According To Andrew Lincoln
The Walking Dead is still going strong, but Andrew Lincoln has already come up with an end for Rick Grimes, and it's pretty epic.
Daryl And Maggie Finally Talked About Glenn's Death, And It Was Totally Cathartic
Daryl and Maggie finally had a chat about what happened to Glenn, and it was exactly what we needed to see.
How Netflix's Newest Option Will Save Viewers Time
Netflix is constantly trying new things to try and make streaming easier for subscribers, and its latest option is one that could save time for many.
Could A Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion Happen? Here's What Luke Perry Says
Beverly Hills, 90210 was once one of the hottest shows on television. Now, former star Luke Perry has weighed in on whether or not a reunion could actually happen.
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