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How Mon-El's Big Secret Could Spell Disaster For Supergirl
Mon-El has been causing trouble for Kara since the moment that his pod touched down on Earth, but the latest episode gave a hint that his big secret could destroy everything for Supergirl.
Stephen Colbert Will Host This Year's Emmy Awards
Late night host Stephen Colbert will officially headline the next Emmy Awards, and he could be a perfect pick for a couple of big reasons.
Is The Walking Dead Toning Down Violence Because Of Fans? Here's The Real Story
One Walking Dead producer recently came out and claimed that the show would be going lighter on the violence due to fan backlash. Now we have the full story.
A Glee Actor Is Heading To The Flash And Supergirl Musical Crossover
The CW's DC universe will be getting a whole lot musical for its next crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, and a former Glee star has signed on to join the cast for the big event.
How Susan Lucci Will Reunite With The All My Children Cast
Legendary soap opera actress Susan Lucci will return to the small screen to reunite with her former All My Children cast mates in a way that should delight former soap fans everywhere.
All The Flash And Supergirl Characters That Will Be Singing For The Musical Crossover
The musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl has had fans wondering for months just who would be singing in the extravaganza. As it turns out, the list of characters is quite a doozy.
Why The Walking Dead's Lennie James Hated The First Half Of Season 7
The first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 was rough for many fans. As it turns out, the episodes were rough on actor Lennie James as well for one big reason.
7th Heaven's Barry Watson Is Finally Headlining Another TV Series
Barry Watson was once a familiar face to many on the small screen. Now he's set to return to TV in a leading role as the star of a new series that could be perfect for him.
When Gotham's Catwoman Will Start To Show Up, According To The Actress
Selina Kyle has been a major part of Gotham so far, and actress Camren Bicondova chatted with CinemaBlend to give an inside scoop on when we'll see more of Catwoman showing up. Check it out!
Why Kevin Smith Can't Stop, Won't Stop Directing Episodes Of Superhero Shows
Kevin Smith brought his superhero expertise to the small screen last year with The Flash, landing even more TV superhero gigs since. Here's why he loves taking these jobs.
Watch An Orangutan Figure Out How To Use A Saw In This Bananas Clip
Many animals are capable of more than we might expect of them, and an orangutan just pulled off an incredible feat in the wild that is definitely worth checking out. Take a look!
How Popular A Series Of Unfortunate Events Is On Netflix
Netflix just debuted its new series based on the A Series of Unfortunate Events book saga, and the numbers for the first weekend are in.
Watch Gal Gadot And Jason Statham Kick Ass In This Epic Super Bowl Commercial
The 2017 Super Bowl is only a couple of weeks away, and one commercial has already hit the web, and it features two action stars doing what they do best. Check it out!
Watch Agent Dale Cooper Return In New Twin Peaks Promo
Twin Peaks is one of the most highly-anticipated revivals in the works for the small screen, and Showtime has officially released a glimpse of Kyle MacLachlan back as Agent Cooper. Check it out!
Jay Leno's So Energetic He May Be Having A Heart Attack In This Lip Sync Battle Video
Contestants on Spike's Lip Sync Battle have been known to go above and beyond expectations. Jay Leno will appear in an upcoming episode, and he's astonishingly energetic. Take a look!
Why The 100's Clarke Will Move On From Lexa, According To The Showrunner
The 100 shocked audiences everywhere in Season 3 when Lexa was suddenly killed off. The showrunner has now come out and addressed how Clarke will deal with her death moving forward.
8 Popular Young Adult Book Series That Would Be Perfect For TV
Some of TV's biggest hits are adaptations of books, but there are still plenty out there to choose from, and we've come up with 8 young adult series that would be perfect for the small screen.
How Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Connected To Captain America
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has always touched on the events of the Marvel blockbuster movies, and the latest episode directly referenced Captain America himself for a wild plot twist.
Why A Freaks And Geeks Reunion Wouldn't Work, According To Judd Apatow
TV nowadays is filled with all kinds of reboots and reunions, but Judd Apatow is pretty sure that Freaks and Geeks shouldn't make a comeback for a big reason.
Why Krysten Ritter Really Wants Defenders Season 2 To Happen
Krysten Ritter is back in the boots of Jessica Jones for the first season of Netflix's The Defenders, and she's already ready for a second season for one big reason.
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