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Disney Blew Past A Massive Box Office Milestone Before Rogue One Has Even Opened
If this year has looked like it's been a big one for Walt Disney Studios, it has. In fact, it's been one for the record books. And when you consider the fact that the studio has one more major release this year, they're not done yet.
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Weekend Box Office: Moana Holds Number One, Jackie Impresses In Limited Release
Things were quiet at the box office this weekend, as the cinema world took a deep breath before the holiday awards season kicks into gear.
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Weekend Box Office: Moana Cruises To Number One, Rules Don't Apply Serves Up Holiday Turkey
It was a hit and miss holiday weekend at the box office, with really only one movie having much of anything to be thankful for.
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How Moana Compares To Frozen At The Box Office So Far
Thanksgiving weekend is routinely a big weekend for family films which is part of the reason why it's a weekend Disney has owned for a long time. No movie has owned the weekend like Frozen did, but is that about to change?
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Moana Already Broke A Box Office Record
The Thanksgiving weekend is always a big one at the movies, especially for the kind that bring families together. But Disney's newest feature, Moana, may be about to leave them all in the dust.
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Weekend Box Office: Fantastic Beasts Dominates Opening Weekend But Can't Match Harry Potter
The moment the final Harry Potter movie hit theaters you could practically hear the execs at Warner Brothers scrambling to figure out how to drill even more money out of Rowling's magical world. With no more books to make into movies, they turned to the books within the books for inspiration.
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Weekend Box Office: Arrival Lands At Third, Doctor Strange Holds Top Spot
Three new arrivals hit theaters this weekend, but none were able to dislodge last week's top two earners.
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Weekend Box Office: Doctor Strange Conjures Up Mystical Number One, Trolls Hug Second Place
It's no longer summer and not yet the end-of-year holiday blitz, yet somehow we ended up with three great movies opening on one weekend, each of them taking one of the top three box office spots.
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Doctor Strange Is Destroying At The Overseas Box Office, Get The Details
North American movie fans still have to wait a few more days to get their first look at Doctor Strange, overseas the character has already taken a bow, and if those numbers are any indication, it's going to be a big week for Marvel Studios.
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Weekend Box Office: Madea Doubles Down At Number One, Inferno Goes Up In Flames
Patterns and signs play a major role in Dan Brown's inexplicably popular pseudo-symbological pulp thrillers, but none are as fascinating as the significance of the following number to the film adaptation of his books: 31.
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Weekend Box Office: Madea Halloween Scares Up A Number One, Jack Reacher Pulls Strong Second
A few years ago Tyler Perry might have mixed up his list of ideas for Medea movies with his list of Jim Varney "Ernest" movies. Following up on a crime-centric movie and a Christmas themed movie, Perry launched a Halloween adventure for his trademark character, and audiences were excited to line up.
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Movie Ticket Prices Have Hit An All-Time High, According To New Report
It seems like every single weekend another movie is breaking a box office record. It appears that part of the reason that happens is that the ticket prices are only getting more expensive.
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Weekend Box Office: The Accountant Adds Up To Number One, Max Steel Melts Down
Ben Affleck's latest drama, The Accountant, fared better than most, snagging first place at the box office this weekend with $24 million.
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Weekend Box Office: The Girl on the Train Takes Top Spot
A sleepy October trudged forward at the box office, with one new movie snagging a comfortable lead while the remaining newcomers settled out in the bottom half of the chart.
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How Much The Girl On The Train Might Make In Its Opening Weekend
This weekend the blockbusters make way for a pair of high-profile dramas at the box office. The Girl on the Train is based on a very popular novel, but exactly how will that translate to the big screen?
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Weekend Box Office: Miss Peregrine Gets A Peculiar Number One Debut
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children grabbed the top spot at the box office, banking $28 million for a modest start against its $110 million budget.
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Weekend Box Office: Magnificent Seven Shoots Down Storks For Number One Start
The Magnificent Seven hit theaters firing both barrels, but perhaps with only one barrel loaded.
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Weekend Box Office: Sully Stays Afloat, Snowden Sinks
Three new movies rolled into theaters this weekend, but none of them pushed into double digits, and none were able to top last weekend's number one.
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Weekend Box Office: Sully Lands Number One Opening, The Wild Life Runs Aground
Ever wondered what the story of Robinson Crusoe would be like seen through the eyes of the animals who lived on his island? Yeah, neither had anyone else.
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Weekend Box Office: Labor Day Weekend Slumps Again, Don't Breathe Still Number One
Labor Day weekend was slower than usual again this year. Bigger box office blockbusters were again pushed to the front end of the summer season leaving less attraction for audiences on the holiday weekend.
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