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Weekend Box Office: LEGO Batman Stays On Top, Cure For Wellness Takes Turn For The Worse
Last weekend was dominated by new sequels and spinoffs, but this was the weekend for new original movies. The sequels landed the top three spots last week, but this week the originals didn't fare so well.
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Weekend Box Office: The LEGO Batman Movie Snaps Into Number One, Fifty Shades Falters
Spin-offs and sequels were king at the box office this weekend, snagging the top three spots, but results were hit and miss compared with their predecessors.
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Weekend Box Office: Split Three-peats, Rings Struggles To Scare Up Interest
Super Bowl weekend has become better known for watching movie trailers than the movies themselves, but this year was particularly hard for newcomers at the box office.
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How Much Money Fifty Shades Darker Expects To Earn On Opening Weekend
Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the highest grossing films of 2015. The sequel is now getting ready to bow in theaters and they're certainly aiming to take the box office by storm once again.
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Weekend Box Office: Split Holds Top Spot, A Dog's Purpose Opens With A Whimper
Three new wide-release movies saw domestic openings this weekend, but none came close to unseating last weekend's champ.
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Weekend Box Office: Split Surprises As Shyamalan's First Number One Since The Village
This weekend audiences had a chance to forget Shyamalan the writer/director of The Happening and After Earth, and remember Shyamalan the writer/director of Signs and The Sixth Sense.
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Weekend Box Office: Hidden Figures Repeats At Number One, La La Land Gets Awards Boost
Hidden Figures remained on top for the second weekend in a row, and by a solid enough margin that it won't be changing Monday. The historical NASA drama added $20 million, down just 10% from last weekend.
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Weekend Box Office: Rogue One On Top For Fourth Weekend, Nears 2016 Top Spot
For the fourth weekend in a row Rogue One held the top spot, but this weekend by a very narrow margin.
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The Bizarre Reason Rogue One Might Struggle In China This Weekend
The Star Wars franchise has never been the blockbuster in China that it is in the west, but Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may have more to deal with than simply a lack of name recognition.
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The Impressive Box Office Mark La La Land Hit Before 2016 Ended
2016 is officially over, thank the stars, and that means it's time to tally up the total box office for the year. While most of the standard record holders are to be expected, one Oscar hopeful set a record of its own.
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Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Has Opened In China, How Is It Doing?
One of the most interesting film projects this year is The Great Wall. The new film is the biggest co-production ever between the two biggest box office nations in the world. So how's it doing?
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Weekend Box Office: Rogue One Blasts Way To Top Spot, Collateral Beauty Gets Ugly Reception
If there's one thing you can count on from Star Wars fans, it's their unwavering willingness to throw gobs of money at any new movie. Mix in Disney's ability to bring said fans to a frothing state of excitement and you have massive box office success.
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The Insane Amount Of Money Rogue One Might Earn This Weekend
Nobody was quite sure what to expect from the first Star Wars movie that didn't quite fit into the rest of the story. However, now we have a bit of an idea what's going to happen when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits screens on Friday. It could be huge.
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Weekend Box Office: Moana Holds Top Spot For Third Weekend, Office Christmas Party Settles for Close Second
Office Christmas Party launched into theaters this weekend but couldn't muster enough holiday enthusiasm to knock the wind out of Moana's sails.
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Star Wars Just Received Some Outstanding News For Its Box Office Hopes
There's a great deal riding on the box office performance of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While a certain level of success if confidently expected, hopes are much higher than that. However, the film just took a major step toward realizing those dreams.
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Disney Blew Past A Massive Box Office Milestone Before Rogue One Has Even Opened
If this year has looked like it's been a big one for Walt Disney Studios, it has. In fact, it's been one for the record books. And when you consider the fact that the studio has one more major release this year, they're not done yet.
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Weekend Box Office: Moana Holds Number One, Jackie Impresses In Limited Release
Things were quiet at the box office this weekend, as the cinema world took a deep breath before the holiday awards season kicks into gear.
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Weekend Box Office: Moana Cruises To Number One, Rules Don't Apply Serves Up Holiday Turkey
It was a hit and miss holiday weekend at the box office, with really only one movie having much of anything to be thankful for.
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How Moana Compares To Frozen At The Box Office So Far
Thanksgiving weekend is routinely a big weekend for family films which is part of the reason why it's a weekend Disney has owned for a long time. No movie has owned the weekend like Frozen did, but is that about to change?
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Moana Already Broke A Box Office Record
The Thanksgiving weekend is always a big one at the movies, especially for the kind that bring families together. But Disney's newest feature, Moana, may be about to leave them all in the dust.
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