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Weekend Box Office: Sully Stays Afloat, Snowden Sinks
Three new movies rolled into theaters this weekend, but none of them pushed into double digits, and none were able to top last weekend's number one.
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Weekend Box Office: Sully Lands Number One Opening, The Wild Life Runs Aground
Ever wondered what the story of Robinson Crusoe would be like seen through the eyes of the animals who lived on his island? Yeah, neither had anyone else.
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Weekend Box Office: Labor Day Weekend Slumps Again, Don't Breathe Still Number One
Labor Day weekend was slower than usual again this year. Bigger box office blockbusters were again pushed to the front end of the summer season leaving less attraction for audiences on the holiday weekend.
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Weekend Box Office: Suicide Squad Holds Number One Against Box Office Bombs
There were three new movies in theaters this weekend, but all three newcomers bombed to various degrees, leaving Suicide Squad with an unremarkable but solid third weekend in the number one spot.
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Ben-Hur May Be In Big Box-Office Trouble This Weekend
Several new movies are hitting theaters this weekend with approximately equal expectations at the box office. While the predicted number is fairly good news for a couple of them, it's really bad news for one of them.
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Weekend Box Office: Suicide Squad Takes Hard Hit But Holds Number One
Suicide Squad followed up its highest ever August opening with a hard dip, but without major competition from newcomers it held onto the number one spot for a second weekend in a row.
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Suicide Squad Just Pushed Warner Bros. Past A Massive Box Office Milestone
Suicide Squad had an amazing opening weekend at the domestic box office. However, the success of the film wasn't just a big deal for a single project, but for the studio as a whole.
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Weekend Box Office: Suicide Squad Takes August Record, But Not The Best DC Opening This Year
Suicide Squad's August release might have been strategic, given that August was the only summer month left without a $100+ million opening. The DC flick's competition for August's biggest opening was Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy with its $94 million start two summers ago, making it a good chance to make a little bit of record-breaking news.
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Weekend Box Office: Jason Bourne Opens Big, Star Trek Takes A Hit
After almost a decade Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass returned to the world of Bourne, turning in a movie that enjoyed the second highest opening of the franchise.
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Weekend Box Office: Star Trek Beyond Opens Number One, Franchise Starts To Slip
Star Trek Beyond, the third entry in the rebooted sci-fi franchise, landed a solid number one start this weekend but showed a noticeable slip from the previous two movies.
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Weekend Box Office: Secret Life of Pets Holds Number One, Ghostbusters Blast Out Narrow Second
For the fifth straight weekend in a row an animated movie held the number one spot, leaving one of the most talked about remakes to settle for a solid second place.
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Weekend Box Office: Secret Life of Pets Scratches Out Massive Opening, Finding Dory Tops Marvel
2016 is turning out to be the year of the animated feature, with entries from multiple studios breaking records, banking top dollars, and now outgunning the comic book movie genre.
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Weekend Box Office: Finding Dory Threepeats, Tarzan and BFG Off To Slow Starts
Despite three new competitors siphoning off more audiences, Finding Dory narrowly held on to number one for a third weekend in a row.
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Weekend Box Office: Independence Day Implodes, Finding Dory Stays On Top
Twenty years ago Roland Emmerich rolled out the wildest, most special-effects laden interpretation of War of The Worlds ever, and it opened succesfully to the tune of $50 million, the second highest ever opening at that time. This weekend he offered up a sequel, and it couldn't even manage to debut at number one.
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Weekend Box Office: Finding Dory Swims To Record Breaking Number One
Following on the heels of major box office successes Zootopia and The Jungle Book (which is only part animation, but worth lumping in for consideration), Disney's other animation wing, Pixar, has churned out a record breaker with Finding Dory.
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Weekend Box Office: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Land Disappointing Number One
Following a short and unremarkable one weekend run in the top spot, X-Men: Apocalypse slid a painful 66% this weekend, making way for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows to open at number one despite an unimpressive start of its own.
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Weekend Box Office: X-Men Apocalypse Takes A Hit Despite Number One Opening
Everyone expected X-Men: Apocalypse to be the number one movie this weekend, but whether audiences were busier than usual this Memorial Day weekend or just burnt out on comic book movies this year, they didn't turn out nearly as well as they did for X-Men: Days of Future Past.
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Weekend Box Office: Angry Birds Catapult To The Second Highest Video Game Opening
You've been playing the games on your phone and tablets for years, and the flock of pig-pelting birds have brought in millions of dollars through billions of downloads and untold numbers of sweaters, pillows, plushies and more. But when it came to a major motion picture, audiences weren't quite as excited to hand over the same kinds of time or money.
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Weekend Box Office: Captain America Holds Number One, Zootopia Topples Batman v Superman
Captain America: Civil War slipped almost 60% going into its second weekend, but that still left it with a steady enough cash flow to top the unimpressive competition.
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Weekend Box Office: Captain America Lands Biggest Opening Of The Year So Far
Captain America: Civil War kicked off the summer blockbuster season with the year's largest opening to date, topping not only the previous Captain America openings, but also the openings of the other major comic movies to date, Deadpool and Batman v Superman.
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