Next week Will Smith gets another chance to prove himself as a serious actor in the great looking drama The Pursuit of Happyness, but he won’t wallow in sap for long. He’s already at work on other more Big Willie styled projects: an abomination of the book I Am Legend, a superhero movie, and now a relationship comedy.

Columbia Pictures has picked up a pitch called My Wife Hates Your Wife for Will to produce and possibly star in. According to Variety Gina Wendkos will write the script with Smith in mind, but he won’t decide whether or not to hand it off to someone else until she finishes.

The movie is about two couples who hang out together. The wives have a blowup, but the guys want to remain friends. To placate their wives, they sneak around to continue their tawdry friendship with each other. Late night rendezvous at sports bars, illicit outings to sporting events, and adulterous burping are bound to ensue. Kevin James as the other husband anyone?

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