The Logan’s Run remake we’ve been talking about forever now has just found new life. The project had seemed dead after Bryan Singer dropped it to do Superman and Nazi movies, but the Hollywood Reporter says it’s been resurrected with Warner Bros.

The WB has hired inexperienced, former architect turned director of television commercials, Joseph Kosinski, to make his feature film debut helming the project. Super-producer Joel Silver is producing and Tim Sexton, who wrote the awesome Sci-Fi thriller Children of Men is working on the script.

The original 1976 film starred Michael York and Farah Fawcett in a future where citizens are killed once they reach a certain age. A man named Logan decides he’d like to live, and goes on the run to escape execution. For the new version, their plan is to do something closer to the book, on which the original movie was loosely based. From the tone of HR’s story, it sounds like they may be laying the whole social relevance thing on a little more thick by playing up the idea of people blindly devoting themselves to a flawed ideology for the greater good. It’s just not cool to conform.

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