The French black-and-white animated film Renaissance came out on DVD this week (you can read our official review here) and Buena Vista has sent over a neat little viral marketing toy for the movie: a game that puts you in the movie, helping Detective Karas find his missing person.

As far as movie related flash games go, this one is actually pretty cool. Admittedly, I haven’t fooled around with it too much, but the first stage is a good test of observation – match the suspect’s face from a library of facial parts. Doesn’t sound so tough? The suspect’s actual face is hidden in a flashing bank of faces (you can curser over it to see the right face) and… (here’s where I got caught) you’re timed. The second level is a driving game (using arrow keys), etc.

While I liked the idea of Renaissance more than the actual execution, this is a fun little distraction. Give the game a try for yourself.

Renaissance is now available on DVD.

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