MIKE MYERS is set to be honoured at the MTV Movie Awards for his long-running comedy career. The Austin Powers star will be awarded the coveted MTV Generation Award on Sunday (03Jun07) - following in the footsteps of Tom Cruise (who won in 2005) and Jim Carrey (who received the award in 2006).

Myers concedes he is delighted by the award, and has now "accomplished it all". He says, "From performing, to hosting, to winning the desirable golden bucket of popcorn, I've accomplished it all at the MTV Movie Awards. "The only thing I had left to do was win the MTV Generation Award and now I'm set. Thank you, MTV."

Christina Norman, president of MTV, adds, "We have an ogre, an international spy of mystery, a rhyming cat and a rock-star wannabe with his own local cable-access show... now that's a guest list. "It's a party, and Mike is our guest of honour. On Sunday our audience will present him with the MTV Generation Award for all the years he has made us laugh, captured our imagination, and left us leaving the theatre with a smile."

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