Some news findings are big, some are small and others are nose-bleedingly insane. I don’t think this qualifies as either, considering that it’s definitely big news, and probably bigger than big, but not quite nose-bleed worthy. I’m thinking this news ranks as the moment before you wet your know, like those few seconds before the KillZone 2 trailer started.

“This August gamers will get a sneak peek at what is going to be the best multiplayer game this fall,” says Grant Collier, Studio Head at Infinity Ward. Yep, that says it all. Well, not quite. There’s the new perk system being implemented into CoD 4: Modern Warfare, a create a class, fluid matchmaking and player ranking.

The multiplayer beta is exclusive to Xbox 360 owners, as it will be hosted on Xbox Live. I guess that’s Microsoft’s small way of getting even with the Unreal Tournament 3 exclusivity. That kind of sucks, though, because Unreal had some great features that would have easily made it enjoyable with the Live player rankings, stat tracking and matchmaking. Sony and Epic better make sure that PSN is up to par (and capable of the multiplayer features gamers have come to expect from Unreal) when that game releases this fall, otherwise I’ll be pissed.

Anyway, back to Call of Duty can visit the Official Website for more information regarding the multiplayer beta and the game. Also, be sure to drop by the E3 Coverage Center for more news regarding all the latest E3 happenings.

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