The Hulk sequel that isn’t really a sequel is really happening, and Ang Lee won’t be directing it.

Instead, Marvel is replacing him with Transporter director Louis Leterrier, according to the guys over at Cinematical. I suspect Leterrier works cheaper.

Avi Arad and Marvel’s other executives coupled their announcement with the usual obligatory excitement over his hiring. They say they were blown away by Leterrier’s “passion” for the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, passion isn’t everything, as anyone who’s ever watched an Ed Wood movie or visited Aint-It-Cool-News already knows.

Leterrier joins the already hired Hulk team of Arad as a producer and Zak Penn as screenwriter. Marvel is aiming to breathe new life into the Hulk franchise after it’s mediocre box office performance under the auspices of Ang Lee and Eric Bana. Bana won’t be back as the Hulk, and they’re moving this new movie more in the direction of non-stop Hulk-smashing action instead of all that brainy stuff Ang wasted time messing around with.

This new movie won’t be a work of art, but Hulk still smash. That’s good enough.

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