A couple of years ago a story about Thomas Haden Church starring next to Eddie Murphy in a film called NowhereLand would have been far too obvious and accurate. Recently, though, Church has actually reached a modest level of success, including his recognized performance in Sideways, making the jokes a little less accurate.

Actually, maybe they aren’t too far off after all. Murphy did get some recognition of his own for Dreamgirls before sliding back into strange comedy choices that seem certain to bomb, so why shouldn’t Thomas Haden Church follow the same career path?

Regardless of the relevancy, Church is going to star with Murphy in NowhereLand according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comedy features Murphy as a struggling businessman who finds success at work after heeding his six-year-old daughter’s business advice. Church will play Murphy’s ambitious rival.

The movie is set up at Paramount with an announced September 16th, 2008 release date, setting a definitive date that critics can accuse both Church and Murphy of going Nowhere.

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