It was December 21st...a timely affair of long-coats, fashionable hats, priceless relics and well-crafted swords. IGG held the in-game party for beta and alpha testers, as the game’s beta officially went live (or launched) on December 22nd. This means that you can now freely download the highly anticipated nautical game.

For gamers who would like to participate in the continued efforts to fix bugs and find errors, you can register and download the beta of Voyage Century from the Main Website. The game features amazing tactical combat scenarios in realtime, which take place both on-foot and out on the sea. Players can even board opposing ships and have at it in classic ship-to-ship sword duels. There’s also a massive 16th century world to be explored in Voyage Century, as players will traverse through an interactive world that contains multiple cultures, societies, and many adventures.

IGG’s (Internet Gaming Gate) Free-To-Play nautical game will continue through its beta stages, in which it will stay Free-To-Play once it officially goes live. If you’re interested in this MMORPG, you can visit the Voyage Century Main Website for media, details and further information regarding the game.

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