The Green Hornet could possibly be a former Spider-man! Right before filming of Spider-man 2, Tobey Maguire was basically "fired" for about as long as a Shannen Doherty marriage. During that millisecond, he was replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal (The Good Girl). Cooler heads prevailed and Gyllenhaal's spandex were returned to Maguire.

Thanks to Kevin Smith, however, Jake might pull on a different pair of tights; green ones. Kevin Smith has made Gyllenhaal his number one choice to portray "The Green Hornet" and his alter ego Britt Reid, publisher of the Daily Sentinel.

"The Green Hornet's origins were in radio, with Fran Striker and George Trendle creating the character for a serial in 1936." (credit ICv2 News). The Green Hornet comic ran from 1940 to 1949 and a popular tv series, starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee. Currenty, there is not a Green Hornet comic.

Kevin Smith said he was interested in the Green Hornet character because "he was Batman before there was a Batman. I dig the fact that he kicked off a run of billionaire playboys, who decided to put on a mask and fight crime."

Report by: Matt Norris

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