For the last few years, ‘The View’ has been an absolute mess. Sure, it’s garnered huge ratings, but a large percentage of the viewers have only been eager to watch panelists cut each other off and sometimes even bridge the narrow gap between heated argument and cat fight. Today, the producers finally took a step towards solidifying the uneasy structure with a possible hiring.

According to EOnline, ABC is in final talks with frequent ‘View’ guest host and Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg. I will go on record saying this is a brilliant hiring. Goldberg provides the same outspoken demeanor as Rosie but seems able to present her opinions in a less abrasive and bitchy way than the former “Queen Of Nice.” This should help to provide a program that is nearly as thought provoking and controversial but more streamlined and less prone to unnecessary digressions.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not planning on Tivoing ‘The View’ everyday, but it should help to make it more watchable during the occasional times that I do tune in.

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