We’ve seen comedies cover most of the holiday bases. Yet, there are several unsung holidays that haven’t been properly trivialized by Hollywood. Universal is looking to put a stop to that, as the studio has picked Anna Faris (the Scary Movie 4 and Dan Fogler ( School for Scoundrels) to star with Topher Grace in Kids in America, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film follows the exploits of a recent college graduate (Grace), his twin sister (Faris), and his best friend (Fogler) at a wild Labor Day party in 1988.

Grace will be reunited with writers Jeff and Jackie Filgo from That ‘70s Show. By adding Teresa Palmer (Grudge 2) to the mix and you’ve got one pointless movie full of “What’s his names?” and “Who’s that Girl? You know, the one.”

Nevertheless, Universal has the right idea. Everyone is tired of those bloated Christmas movies and generic holiday romps. It’s time to target the lesser holidays and really open up the market. Look out Veterans’ Day, Boxing Day and Lincoln’s Birthday, Universal is coming for you. To mark this most auspicious occasion, production of Kids in America will commence the week of Feb. 19, also known as President’s Day. A coincidence or foreshadowing of the next inconsequential holiday to be tackled by Universal?

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