DICE previewed another map from Battlefield 3's next expansion Aftermath today. Talah Market, a crowded commercial district in Tehran, is said to be like an "arena."

In their introduction to the below video, DICE said that Talah Market is inspired by old-school shooters like Counter-Strike. The focus appears to be on infantry combat. DICE added that the map is a place for you and your team to "show off your skills."

All four of the maps in Aftermath take place in post-earthquake Iran. A new Scavenger mode will give players a pistol and knife and force them to root through the wreckage to find additional weapons. Improvised weapons and vehicles appropriate to the disaster area, including a crossbow, are also included. You can see some gameplay from the expansion here.

Battlefield 3 Premium members on PS3 will receive Aftermath on November 27th while Premium Xbox 360 and PC players receive it on December 4th. The Non-Premium PS3 launch will occur on December 11th. PC and Xbox 360 players without Premium membership will have to wait until the 18th.




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