Rockstar Games presented gamers with a holiday gift on Sunday night: new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V. This new batch tells us a couple important things about the game. For example, it seems you'll encounter sharks in the waters off of Los Santos.

GTA: San Andreas allowed players to swim underwater. There wasn't a whole lot to do down there, though. The waters of GTA V appear to be much livelier. Players will be able to explore the depths in submarines, according to one shot.

The inclusion of sharks seems to indicate that wildlife will play a greater role in this game than it did in previous entries. Perhaps they'll have hunting activities like in Red Dead Redemption? Either way, simply having animals in this game is a step forward for the series. It'll make the game world feel a lot more lively and realistic.

One of the other screenshots shows a character piloting a fighter jet. We already knew those were included in the game. However: is that a commercial jetliner flying next to it? That would mean yet another vehicle type from San Andreas is making a return.

The scale of GTA 5 seems to grow with every new set of screenshots. The sheer ambition on display is one of the many reasons we're excited about the game.




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