Killzone: Shadow Fall Trailer Begins The Story

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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Guerrilla Games has sent out a new one-minute trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Shadow Fall, a newly announced PS4 exclusive, takes the series' story in a very interesting direction.

Shadow Fall is set decades after the Killzone trilogy. In the wake of the war between the Helghast and ISA, the planet Helghan is now in ruins. The ISA allows Helghast refugees to resettle on the world of Vekta. The Vektan and Helghast people are segregated from each other by enormous walls.

This awkward living situation doesn't last for long. As the trailer shows, the Helghast launch a surprise attack on the Vektan. Players take on the role of a Vektan soldier trying to repel their advance.

Much of the footage is re-cut from the gameplay demo aired last week. If you haven't seen that footage yet, you can check it out here. The demo's far longer than this trailer and should give you better insight into how the game plays.

Shadow Fall will launch alongside the PS4 this fall.

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