Mac BioShock 2 Surfacing In January

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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Mac gamers will finally be getting BioShock 2. The first-person shooter, which hit the PC and consoles back in February 2010, will be released for the Mac in January.

Feral Interactive is responsible for the Mac port. They're the studio behind Mac ports of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Borderlands and DiRT 2, among many others. This won't be their first experience with the BioShock series, as they brought the original BioShock to the Mac as well.

"Set in an alternative 1968, BioShock 2 plunges players back into the ruins of Rapture, the undersea city built as a radical experiment in libertarian government that collapsed into a vicious civil war," explains Feral's website. "Ten years later, in a repudiation of its founding ideology, Rapture has fallen under the control of collectivist visionary Sofia Lamb and her religious cult, The Rapture Family."

You can pre-order a boxed copy of the game through Feral's website. The digital version will be available through Gamersgate and other stores of its ilk. Feral says that the digital version will be available as part of a bundle with the first game.

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