PlayStation All-Stars Gets Live Action Euro Trailer

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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It looks like Sonyís European marketing folks have a pretty good sense of humor, as the latest television spot for upcoming four-player brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a wholly tongue-in-cheek take on the live action trailer seen Stateside early last month.

If you showed me the two following trailers and asked me which region each video came from, I would have guessed that the first was definitely the European TV spot for All-Stars Battle Royale. It has a much more serious edge and, well, they tend to be a bit more serious than us immature Yanks.

But thatís definitely not the case this time around. First, weíll take a look at the U.S. live action advertisement just in case you have forgotten it already.

Even with Sackboy zipping around on his jetpack, what we have here is a mostly serious, dramatic affair. Now letís take a look at the European trailer, which takes a decidedly different approach.

Pretty great, right? How can you not love a commercial about a bunch of overly dedicated nerds dressing the part to play their new favorite fighting game? Now that youíve taken in all of that inspiration, itís about time you got started on your own costume if you want it to be ready for the big launch. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hits store shelves on Nov. 20.
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