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The Pokemon Go Tracker Is Back, Sort Of
Niantic Labs have been toiling away at Pokemon Go for a while... working on the backend and fixing up the game to restore some of the functionality that they removed when the tracker was taken offline. Well, the Pokemon Go tracker is back... sort of.
Here's When You'll Be Able To Play Super Mario Run
At long last, a Super Mario game is making its way to mobile platforms. Nintendo has kept the project pretty secretive up to this point, but now we have a launch date and even a price point for their first major mobile game.
A New Pokemon Go Tracker Is Now Available In More Places
Months after Pokemon Go's initial launch, the team at Niantic is still trying to optimize the popular mobile game's "Nearby" feature, which lets you more easily track down specific pocket monsters. According to a recent announcement, a testing phase for this feature has just launched in even more areas.
Pokemon Go Halloween Update: Here's What Bonuses Are Coming
Niantic Labs will be giving Pokemon Go players plenty to sink their teeth into come Halloween apart from just the sweets and candy that will be acquired while out trick or treating. The new update for the mobile game features a few Pokemon-specific bonuses.
Choose Your Champion Allows Everybody To Win At Hearthstone World Championship
While not everyone can be a top Hearthstone player, that doesn't mean you can't share in the glory of victory at the upcoming Hearthstone World Championship. And that's exactly what Blizzard has planned thanks to its recently unveiled Choose Your Champion campaign.
Sony Is Shutting Down A Popular Mobile Game
One of Sony's unique IPs that came out during the seventh gen managed to make its way onto mobile devices and the PlayStation Vita. Well, this particular popular mobile game is no longer quite as popular as it once was and Sony is pulling the plug on it.
Somebody Got Mugged Playing Pokemon Go Live On Twitch
Ricky Yaneza, a 43-year-old gamer, was live-streaming his gaming session of Pokemon Go while traveling through Central Park in New York City on Monday morning. Yaneza didn't complete the session or finish his walk because he was mugged.
Disney Just Shut Down Two Of Its Marvel Games, Get The Details
There are about to be a few less superheroes in this world as Disney Interactive announces the imminent shutdown of a pair of games featuring Captain America, Iron-Man and the rest of the Marvel universe.
Some Banned Pokemon Go Players May Get A Second Chance
For a while it seemed like there was a zero-tolerance policy when it came to cheating in Pokemon Go. A lot of players using third-party wares to help them catch 'em all, as well as GPS spoofers and bots to quickly level up found themselves banned. Well, Niantic may be giving some banned players a second chance.
Here's Why Target Has Giant Pokeballs In Their Lots
If you've visited one of 400 Target stores across the U.S., featuring giant Pokeballs, you might be wondering why they're sitting out there. Well, Target decided to paint their bollards red and white as a way to lure in potential Pokemon Go players for a photo op, as well as to hopefully get them to buy some goods.
How To Get More Egg Incubators In Pokemon Go
Playing Pokemon Go and you want to hatch eggs faster but you're not really sure how to go about that? Well, there's a process involving Egg Incubators in the game and there are a couple of ways to get your hands on them to help speed up the process of hatching eggs.
Pokemon Go Is Being Sued, Again
Pokemon Go has become the most popular game of any type throughout most of the world. When something gets that popular, lawsuits are sure to pop up, but now they're getting a little out of hand.
The One Place You Can't Play Pokemon Go in Thailand
There are a lot of places where you can play Pokemon Go, but one of those places is not in particular parts of Thailand. The country has welcomed the game with open arms for its release on August 6th in Thailand, but there's one place where they've drawn the line.
This Russian Pokemon Go Copycat Has You Catching Something Totally Different Than Pokemon
In most parts of the world Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go has players rounding up and collecting Pokemon of all different flavors from the 151 standard set. In Russia, they have a slightly different setup for their knock-off of Pokemon Go called Know Moscow.
How To Get Alerted When Pokemon Are Nearby In Pokemon Go
One of the biggest complaints about _Pokemon Go _(other than the servers not always being up) is that you always have to keep the phone up and out in order to receive alerts. Well, a new app could definitely help with that problem... but there's one major catch.
Pokemon Go Is Going To Be Adding New Generations Of Pokemon
Niantic Labs will be working hard on expanding the Pokemon database in Pokemon Go by adding a lot more of the pocket monsters over time. This will include the newer generations of Pokemon introduced on Nintendo's handhelds.
Pokemon Go Just Led To A Gunfight In Las Vegas
So it sounds like some Pokemon Go players don't mess around. One Las Vegas resident was apparently out playing the game recently and, when someone tried to rob him at gunpoint, it turned out the player was carrying a gun of his own and opened fire.
4 Of The Best Battery Devices To Keep Your Phone Alive For Pokemon Go
It's really no surprise that Pokemon Go drains your phone's battery to death. With the AR technology and the GPS-like system, it takes a lot for your phone to make this app work. So we decided to put together the three battery devices we thought might help out the dedicated Pokemon Go player.
Why Nintendo Actually Lost Billions Because Of Pokemon Go
It must have been a wild, emotional roller coaster of a week for folks who follow Nintendo's finances, as the company's stock shot into the stratosphere and then came plummeting back down following the success of Pokemon Go. According to the Big N, the game has actually resulted in a loss of billions for the company, rather than a gain.
Pokemon Go Will Be Getting PokeCenters In The Future, Get The Details
Niantic Labs are already working on one of their most ambitious updates to Pokemon Go: PokeCenters. The new centers will feature the same kind of mechanics that gamers are used to from the Pokemon franchise.
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