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The Legend Of Zelda 30th Anniversary Amiibo Will Come In Handy For Breath Of The Wild
Nintendo has been slowly inching out new content and revealing new information for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One of the new bits of info includes a 30th anniversary Amiibo that will actually play a role in the actual gameplay.
This Might Be Your Last Chance To Get A NES Classic Before Christmas
Just in time to make some holiday miracles a reality, it looks like there will be a good(ish) chance to get your hands on one of those popular NES Classic Edition consoles soon. And by "soon," we mean you might want to load up the camping gear, because they're coming at you tomorrow, Dec. 4.
The New Breath Of The Wild Trailer Shows Link, Teases Zelda
During this year's Game Awards there was a brand new trailer that opened up the show, offering gamers a look at the new and upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch.
Why The Switch Is Superior To The Wii U, According To Ubisoft
With the Nintendo Switch only a few months out from launch, a lot of buzz from developers is making its way around the internet. According to one Ubisoft executive, Nintendo's new console already has the Wii U beat thanks to design and messaging.
Nintendo Rides Will Be Coming To More Universal Theme Parks Than We Thought
It looks like Mario is a huge fan of theme parks. We already knew that Nintendo-themed rides were going to be featured at Universal Japan but, thanks to some new information, it sounds like the mustachioed plumber and his colorful cast of pals will be paying a visit to Universal Orlando and Hollywood, too.
Why Fan-Made Games Like Pokemon Uranium Won't Be At The 2016 Game Awards
Some of the most talked about games of the year weren't official releases; they were fan-made games released for free, such as Another Metroid 2 Remake. However, despite the praise and popularity of these titles, they won't be at the 2016 Game Awards.
A Classic Zelda Title Is Now On The Virtual Console
The Wii U may have been dogged in sales and had terrible marketing, but one of the highlights of the console was the Virtual Console that allowed it to play older Nintendo titles. Well, one of the classic Legend of Zelda titles just made its way onto the Virtual Console.
That Missing Pokemon Is Now Available To Catch In Pokemon Go
Niantic Labs finally confirmed something that a lot of players have known about for a while: that one of the 151 Pokemon that were revealed to be in Pokemon Go via datamining, is now available to catch in the actual game.
Hacking Pokemon Sun And Moon Could Result In You Losing Your Save, Get The Details
Some players trying to save their games in Pokemon Sun and Moon were running into some serious problems, with the game glitching and ruining the save files. Well, it turns out that hacking will do that to your game.
The Pokemon Go Tracker Is Back, Sort Of
Niantic Labs have been toiling away at Pokemon Go for a while... working on the backend and fixing up the game to restore some of the functionality that they removed when the tracker was taken offline. Well, the Pokemon Go tracker is back... sort of.
The Best Black Friday Game Deals Of 2016
Even though it's called Black Friday, in some places the day of deals has already begun. Regardless, there are lots of great video game deals all over retail stores, both of the brick and mortar and online variety.
A Former Wii U Exclusive Is Being Rereleased For All Platforms, Including The Switch
One of the big Wii U exclusives that rocked the system early on in its lifespan is making a comeback. Only this time the game isn't being released on the Wii U, it's being released on the Xbox One, PS4 and even the Nintendo Switch.
This Majora's Mask Animated Short Is The Most Amazing Thing You'll See All Day
You ever wonder how the character Skull Kid came to be in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Well, a fan-made short film has offered an answer, and it's absolutely fantastic. Get ready to clap your peepers on the beautifully animated Majora's Mask: Terrible Fate.
New Pokemon Trainer Set Has Everything You Need To Play Sun And Moon
Now that Game Freak's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have released for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device, gamers can go out into the world of Alola and capture as many Pokemon as their heart desires. Well, what's more is that there's a new Pokemon trainer set to help make it easier yet for you.
Are Nintendo And Ubisoft Developing A Crossover Title For The Switch? Here's What We Know
Rumors are swirling that Ubisoft and Nintendo might be working on a new collaborative title featuring two iconic brands from both Ubisoft and Nintendo. The game will supposedly be an exclusive launch game for the Nintendo Switch.
The 2016 Game Awards Nominations: Read The List Here
It's crazy to think but The Game Awards are coming up again already. It seemed like just a few months ago we were celebrating Metal Gear Solid V and Hideo Kojima's swan song for Konami, and now we're back at that time of the year.
Here's When You'll Be Able To Play Super Mario Run
At long last, a Super Mario game is making its way to mobile platforms. Nintendo has kept the project pretty secretive up to this point, but now we have a launch date and even a price point for their first major mobile game.
Breath Of The Wild May Miss The Nintendo Switch Launch, Get The Details
If you've been putting a lot of your eggs of hope in the basket of a March release for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you may be putting your poultry in the wrong pannier. New rumors are swirling that the upcoming open-world game may miss the March window, and thus miss the Nintendo Switch's launch.
The Nintendo Switch May Be Cheaper Than The Wii U
One of the talking points about the potential success of the Nintendo Switch oftentimes falls to the price: how much will the Switch cost? A lot of armchair analysts and investors are debating about what the sweet spot will be for the Nintendo Switch to sell like crazy, and some reports indicate that it might actually be cheaper than the Wii U.
Our Five Favorite Cheats You Can Use On The NES Classic
Now that the NES Classic Edition console is out in the wild, folks are going gaga for the miniscule machine's perfect emulations of classic Nintendo games. They're so perfect, in fact, that their original cheat codes work exactly like you remember.
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