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Check Out Super Mario At The Olympic Closing Ceremonies
Tokyo, Japan is the next location for the 2020 Olympic Games. During the closing ceremony the Japanese Prime Minister wanted to prep everyone for the event in Tokyo, and he did so by transforming into one of Japan's most iconic characters: Super Mario. Check out the crazy awesome video.
People Are Using Their Gameboy Classic In A New Awesome Way, Check It Out
Most computer hardware is completely outdated and mostly useless after a decade of being on the market. Two decades later and the hardware is usually considered obsolete... but not the original Gameboy.
The Big Problem With Console Generations, According To Xbox's Director
Xbox brand director Albert Penello was on a podcast recently to talk about the future of console generations and the future of the Xbox brand, explaining that the Xbox Scorpio would be designed to "think beyond console generations".
Hamster Mario Bros. Will Brighten Your Day
For any of you gamers out there who have had a rough week, I've got three words that will brighten your day: Super. Mario. Hamster. Yes, it's an adorable hamster playing on a custom-built Super Mario-themed toy, and it's pretty adorable.
Pokemon Go Is Being Sued, Again
Pokemon Go has become the most popular game of any type throughout most of the world. When something gets that popular, lawsuits are sure to pop up, but now they're getting a little out of hand.
A Gaming Historian May Have Located The First Code Satoru Iwata Created For Nintendo
Game historian Frank Cifaldi may have just stumbled upon something truly magnificent, potentially preserving one of the most important parts of Nintendo's history. And no, we're not talking about Mario's first ever mustache comb.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will let You Visit A Classic Zelda Location
Nintendo is promising a lot of changes in their next Legend of Zelda title, Breath of the Wild, however, it now looks that while much would be changing, some things will be very familiar.
Nintendo Has Made The Internet Slightly Less Awesome Once Again
Nintendo has one of the most passionate fan bases, not only in gaming, but media in general. And yet, the company seems dedicated to preventing those fans from showing that passion.
What You Can Expect From NES Classic
Nintendo's upcoming mini-console based around the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System will come with a few neat features designed to capitalize on some of the more nostalgic elements that made the original NES so fun and memorable.
There's A Mario Cafe Out There, And It's Awesome
A Webhallen cafe in Stockholm, Sweden was recently overhauled and re-opened as a Mario themed cafe. Two cosplayers managed to attend the event and captured some footage of the grand opening, giving eager fans of Super Mario Bros., a look at the new video game themed cafe.
The Nintendo NX Could Have One Thing Previous Consoles Have Been Missing
Nintendo's new NX has been swirling in the media ever since Nintendo let the cat out of the bag. One thing a lot of people have been wondering about is Nintendo's lack of third-party support. Well, one report indicates that the NX may have solid third-party support.
Pokemon Go Responds To Those Unauthorized Apps
So you know all of those apps and tricky workarounds folks are using to help them catch 'em all in Pokemon Go? Well, according to a recent interview with Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, the team really isn't too fond of such shenanigans and, in the future, may take steps to halt cheating.
This Russian Pokemon Go Copycat Has You Catching Something Totally Different Than Pokemon
In most parts of the world Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go has players rounding up and collecting Pokemon of all different flavors from the 151 standard set. In Russia, they have a slightly different setup for their knock-off of Pokemon Go called Know Moscow.
The Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges, According To A Report
A recent report makes it sound like many of the rumors circulating around Nintendo's next console, known as the NX, might actually be accurate. Here's a surprise, though: It sounds like the device will go back to the cartridge format.
How To Get Alerted When Pokemon Are Nearby In Pokemon Go
One of the biggest complaints about _Pokemon Go _(other than the servers not always being up) is that you always have to keep the phone up and out in order to receive alerts. Well, a new app could definitely help with that problem... but there's one major catch.
Pokemon Go Is Going To Be Adding New Generations Of Pokemon
Niantic Labs will be working hard on expanding the Pokemon database in Pokemon Go by adding a lot more of the pocket monsters over time. This will include the newer generations of Pokemon introduced on Nintendo's handhelds.
Sega Is Releasing Their Own Classic Mini Console, Get The Details
Pokemon Go Just Led To A Gunfight In Las Vegas
So it sounds like some Pokemon Go players don't mess around. One Las Vegas resident was apparently out playing the game recently and, when someone tried to rob him at gunpoint, it turned out the player was carrying a gun of his own and opened fire.
4 Of The Best Battery Devices To Keep Your Phone Alive For Pokemon Go
It's really no surprise that Pokemon Go drains your phone's battery to death. With the AR technology and the GPS-like system, it takes a lot for your phone to make this app work. So we decided to put together the three battery devices we thought might help out the dedicated Pokemon Go player.
Why Nintendo Actually Lost Billions Because Of Pokemon Go
It must have been a wild, emotional roller coaster of a week for folks who follow Nintendo's finances, as the company's stock shot into the stratosphere and then came plummeting back down following the success of Pokemon Go. According to the Big N, the game has actually resulted in a loss of billions for the company, rather than a gain.
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