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We Haven't Heard All Of The Nintendo Switch's Features Yet
Even though the Nintendo Switch isn't out yet, they have already announced some new features are coming for the upcoming hybrid console. The news arrives shortly after the Nintendo Switch was officially announced back on October 20th.
Nintendo Switch Finally Reveals If It Will Be Backward Compatible
A lot of gamers have been completely wrapped up in discussing the Nintendo Switch. The new console is an innovative piece of tech, but a lot of gamers are wondering whether or not the console will be backwards compatible with Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles. Well, Nintendo finally answered.
Not Everybody Is In Love With The Nintendo Switch
Some analysts have been chiming in about the upcoming Nintendo Switch, the portable device that also doubles as a home console. The device has been receiving a lot of praise from hardcore gamers -- a market Nintendo has been trying to win back. However, not everybody is in love with the Nintendo Switch.
Here's Who's Behind The Tech Of The Nintendo Switch
While Nintendo is clearly the mad scientist behind the upcoming Switch console, it turns out that they had an assistant in the lab, providing much of the technological wizardry needed to make the machine possible.
Every Developer Working On The Nintendo Switch
This morning Nintendo officially revealed their next console. The Switch, as it is known, looks to doing something completely unique in the video game space, and many developers have come along for the ride.
Nintendo Switch: Our Five Biggest Unanswered Questions
The Nintendo Switch was finally revealed this morning and, while Nintendo certainly did a great job of showing off the hardware, there weren't a lot of actual details provided for the upcoming console/portable hybrid. That has, of course, left us with a lot of questions.
Nintendo's New Console Is Called The Switch, Here's What We Know
Nintendo's big reveal of the NX happened today and details about the highly anticipated console has finally confirmed what a lot of people have been speculating and rumor-mongering over for the past year. With the March, 2017 release window in sight, Nintendo let loose a focused teaser of what's to come.
The Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Contains A Ton Of Spoilers
Whenever new content arrives for a game, expect die-hard fines to rifle through the files and deconstruct everything they possibly can. That's exactly what happened with the _Pokemon Sun _and_Moon _demo, which was data mined for all sorts of spoilers.
The Greatest Super Nintendo Game Never Released May Still See The Light Of Day
During the crazy times heading into the elections, one development studio has decided to capitalize on that craziness by actually launching a Kickstarter for an old Super NES game that never saw the light of day, themed around the wackiness of a cat and politics called Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill.
Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Review: It Ghosted My Game
Lego Dimensions recently kicked off its second year with a whole bunch of new game packs, including a rather meaty story-driven outing for the latest (re)incarnation of Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, a rather nasty bug looks to have made a phantom out of my game's save data.
Get A New Legendary Pokemon For Free
Nintendo is continuing to roll out free Legendary Pokemon for gamers who are playing certain versions of the game. The newest Pokemon that has landed on the freebie list will be available between October 1st and October 24th this year, so you better act quick before it goes away.
The NES Classic Will Offer Multiple Viewing Modes, Get The Details
The Nintendo mini-console, appropriately named the NES Classic, will come with a bit more than what you may have been expecting. There will be multiple viewing modes embedded into the console's options, allowing purists to view some of the classic 8-bit titles either in retro-vision or with enhanced pixel options.
More Beyond Good And Evil 2 Art Has Surfaced And Now We May Know Why
Beyond Good and Evil didn't sell well on its initial release but passionate fans and late comers have turned the title into a cult favorite. Now it looks like the sequel may really be coming, and the reason the news is coming now may also be clear.
The Nintendo NX Release Date And Price May Have Been Revealed
Rumors are starting to swirl based on placeholder dates that have been revealed by a supermarket chain, giving gamers some small reason to question whether or not the Nintendo NX will be launching sooner than some people think.
When Nintendo Is Holding A National Street Pass Weekend
Nintendo has a StreetPass weekend on the horizon. It will be a national event that takes place across the country here in the U.S. The event will be held in honor of Yo-Kai Watch 2, which has become quite the sales phenomenon for Nintendo both in Japan and abroad.
Ubisoft Loves The Nintendo NX, Here's Why
Certain publishers have been chiming in and giving their opinions about the Nintendo NX, a mysterious new console from Nintendo that's scheduled to release in March of 2017. The device has been heralded as an innovative piece of technology, and at the forefront of those claims of praises is Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot.
Shin Megami Tensei IV Has A Translation Problem And The Reason Is Hilarious
Atlus has launched Shin Megami Tensai IV: Apocalypse for the Nintendo 3DS. However, there's a minor translation problem that slipped through the cracks and made it into the game's final code. How and why the slip-up happened is quite hilarious.
Link Becomes An Iron Chef In New Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Clip
If there's one thing I've always said the Legend of Zelda series is missing, it's the culinary arts. Thankfully, based on what we're seeing in Nintendo's latest clip from the game, it looks like Link will be one heck of a chef in the upcoming Breath of the Wild.
A Glitch In The Original Legend Of Zelda Lets You Beat The Game In 4 Minutes
We're used to glitches popping up in modern games, but that wasn't usually the case back in the day. Or so we though. There's actually a pretty rad glitch in the original The Legend of Zelda that lets you beat the game in just a handful of minutes.
Why Nintendo Went Mobile For Super Mario Run
One of the upcoming titles for Apple's smart devices is Nintendo's Super Mario Run. The new game is designed to leverage the popularity of Nintendo's pudgy plumber and take advantage of Apple's deep-seated market saturation with their smartphones. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto recently explained why Super Mario Run has ended up on mobile devices.
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