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Lara Croft Go Is Coming To New Consoles, Get The Details
During this weekend's 2016 PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, Square Enix and various other publishers revealed tons of new games either coming out or coming soon to PlayStation platforms. One of those games happened to be Lara Croft Go.
Destiny Just Added Two Awesome Weapons, Check It Out
Bungie has been hard at work adding in new content to Destiny for PS4 and Xbox One users, this includes brand new alternates for the Thunderlord, giving gamers a little something extra to kick enemies around with.
How To Get The Airship In Final Fantasy XV
While Final Fantasy games all take on completely original stories with all new characters, there are some elements that often carry over from one game to the next. Moogles almost always appear in one capacity or another. The weapon options tend to fall into the same categories. And you can almost always get an airship to travel the map.
What The Last Of Us 2 Will Be About
Sony ended its PlayStation Experience live show in a big way yesterday, revealing that The Last of Us: Part II is in the works. While the trailer didn't give us a whole lot to work with in terms of story, the Naughty Dog team later revealed a few more tidbits during a panel.
Knack 2 Is Coming, Here's What We Know
A PlayStation 4 launch title, Knack is finally getting its sequel. It was revealed during yesterday's PlayStation Experience floor show and, you know what? It actually looks pretty good.
A Popular Sony Character may Be Coming Back
New information released recently hinted at a popular character from the ancient past of Sony's PlayStation history making a return to form for the PlayStation 4, according to some new rumors.
New Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage Makes Combat Look Fun And Fast-Paced
Set to release early next year, Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay was finally shown off in a rather lengthy trailer. If you're curious what the game's combat will be like, this is the clip to watch.
New Prey Trailer Features First Coffee Cup-Based Gameplay, Check It Out
You know what we don't see enough of in video games? Useful coffee cups. Thankfully, it looks like the new Prey game will finally address that shortcoming, as was revealed during its latest trailer.
PlayStation Plus Vs Games With Gold: Which Was The Better Deal In 2016?
It's been a busy year for video games, especially if you subscribe to Xbox's Games with Gold or PlayStation's Plus programs. While both services offer all sorts of bells and whistles for the price of a single new game, what keeps folks coming back for more are the rotating rosters of free games. But which service offered the best collection of titles in 2016?
The Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Trailer Is Glorious 80s Insanity
People Can Fly and Gearbox Software announced that Duke Nukem is joining in on the action of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, and they released a new trailer for the game to give gamers an idea of what to expect for the title.
Jyn Erso Comes To Star Wars: Battlefront In New Rogue One DLC Trailer
Electronic Arts and DICE released a new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront featuring the heroine from the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is due to hit theaters on December 16th. The trailer is short, sweet and visually spectacular.
Final Fantasy XV Sold An Insane Number Of Copies On Day One
Square Enix has constantly said that they needed to move at least 5 million copies of Final Fantasy XV out of the gate in order for the game to start on the path of breaking even. They touted at one point that they needed to sell 10 million for it to be profitable. Well, they moved an insane number of copies on day one.
Here's How You Can Play Titanfall 2 For Free
A lot of analysts were worried about Titanfall 2 and its performance on the market given its stuffed release window, which saw it sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, EA is helping give some breathing room to the game by offering up a free trial of the sci-fi shooter.
LEGO's Minecraft Competitor Is About To Get A Full Release On More Than Just PC
The LEGO Group, Warner Bros., and TT Games' LEGO Worlds is currently going through the Early Access phase on Steam and is expected to launch in early 2017, but when it graduates Early Access it's expected to release on more than just PC.
Stardew Valley Is Coming To Consoles Soon, Get The Details
Stardew Valley, the hit PC life simulation game, is all set to arrive on consoles. It turns out that the roster has changed up a bit but, for the most part, folks can expect to get to work on building the ultimate farm in just a matter of weeks.
The Last Final Fantasy XV Trailer Has Eminem In It, Because Why Not?
The last and final promotional trailer for the launch of Final Fantasy XV has arrived, and Square Enix has gone all out for the game. In fact, they decided to pull a page out of Activision's playbook and put a little Eminem in the promo trailer... because why not?
Rainbow Six: Siege Is Getting A New Season Pass, Here's What You Get
Ubisoft has been unleashing new content all throughout the year for Rainbow Six: Siege. The game has managed to keep its playerbase and even extend engagement, which his unheard of for most retail releases. Well, they have new season pass for the game and you get all new stuff for year two.
How Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer Will Impact The Campaign
Multiplayer components being tied into single-player RPGs is always risky business. BioWare pulled it off before with Mass Effect 3 and now they're trying it again with Mass Effect: Andromeda, hinting at how the multiplayer will impact the campaign.
The Insane Amount Of Ways To Kill A Character In Dishonored 2
Let it never be said that Dishonored 2 is lacking in variety. One crafty player has decided to show off the game's creative opportunities in an especially violent fashion, putting together a video highlighting nearly 100 ways to kill just one guy.
The Best Black Friday Game Deals Of 2016
Even though it's called Black Friday, in some places the day of deals has already begun. Regardless, there are lots of great video game deals all over retail stores, both of the brick and mortar and online variety.
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