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Video Game Voice Actors Are On Strike, Get The Details
The Screen Actors Guild -- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have initiated their strike, as they stated earlier in the week. They gave big publishers some time to work out some deals but things didn't quite come together as they had hoped.
Battlefield 1 Review: Dice Found Some Great New Ideas In An Old Conflict
The new entry in the Battlefield series takes the game to a place few titles have ever been. How does the change in scenery impact the franchise? Let's take a look.
Here's Why The PlayStation Network Is Having Problems Today
If you've been having trouble accessing the internet today and you've been wasting hours trying to access certain websites you're not the only one. The PlayStation Network has also been impacted.
PlayStation 4 Owners Will Get Early Access To Red Dead Redemption 2 Content
Rockstar Games only just announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to arrive in fall of 2017 next year, and Sony is already jumping on the exclusivity train for the PS4. The announcement actually reveals something key about the upcoming game.
The Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Is Gorgeous And A Technical Marvel
Rockstar held to their promise and released the new teaser trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. It features a lot of solemn shots of empty fields, forests, and towns, but it's also a technical marvel and gorgeous to boot.
Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review: A Fun Time Had By All
While it's fun much of the time to sit down in a dark room by yourself t engage in an immersive game experience on your own, or with friends online, sometimes it's more fun to actually sit down with you friends in person, maybe with some pizza and adult beverages, and actually spend time with people you like.
Red Dead Redemption 2: Five Things We Want To See In The New Game
After much teasing, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have finally pulled back the curtain on Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that we know it's happening for realsies, that's got us thinking: What would we like to see out of a follow-up to one of last generation's biggest hits?
Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Happening, Here's What We Know
At long last, the team at Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Redemption 2 this morning, complete with a lovely new image and even a few details on when we can expect to watch the first trailer, as well as get our hands on the actual game.
When The Video Game Voice Actor Strike Could Happen
The Screen Actors Guild -- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists made their demands known and a date set for when the voice actor strike in the realm of interactive entertainment would commence. The organization is rallying up voice artists for a showdown sooner then you think.
Jackbox Party Pack 3 Has A Release Date, And It’s Very Soon
If you're a fan of Jackbox Games, you've probably been waiting for the newest edition of the Jackbox Party Pack ever since it was announced. Now we know when we'll be able to play it, and it's very soon.
New Resident Evil 7 Trailers Show Off Some Classic Gameplay Elements, More
Capcom released a couple of new teaser trailers for upcoming horror game Resident Evil VII this week, giving players a better feel for what they can expect out of this departure from the series' norm. It looks like some familiar elements will be popping up, though, as well as some new faces.
Here's When You'll Be Able To Try Out World Of Final Fantasy
Square Enix recently announced that gamers will have a chance to try out World of Final Fantasy nice and early, with a demo for the game arriving on PlayStation consoles soon.
Newest Rainbow Six: Siege Update Prevents Players From Escaping Interrogation
Ubisoft has updated Rainbow Six: Siege to address a problem relating to one of the new BOPE operators from being blocked from interrogating enemy soldiers. The patch prevents players from escaping interrogation.
The Number Of People Playing Overwatch Is Insane
Blizzard's first-person shooter, Overwatch, came busting onto the scene with a lot of hype, a lot of interest and a heck of a lot of player engagement and retention. Well, the use of "a lot" doesn't begin to describe just how many players are actually engaged in the game, as the number of players is insane.
Some Countries Really Love Some Odd Games, According To YouTube
It should come as no surprise that, depending on where you are in the world, the population is head-over-heels for very specific games. According to a recent study from YouTube, though, quite a few odd choices are making the biggest noise in very specific regions across the globe.
A Mass Effect: Andromeda Tie-In May Hint At The Game's Release Date
Fans of BioWare's sprawling space drama, Mass Effect, are probably giddy with excitement after news broke about a tie-in art book potentially hinting a the release date for the upcoming Mass Effect:Andromeda.
Somebody Is Remaking A Game That May Have Never Existed
There's an urban legend about an arcade game from the 1980s that may or may not have ever existed. However, now somebody who claims to have played it is going to make it real, again, I guess.
What Mafia 3's Collector's Edition Will Include
Just about every major AAA title released for home consoles and PC has a limited collector's edition made available. It's just way the business works. Mafia III also has a collector's edition and 2K rolled out some details to show games what's included.
It's Your Last Chance To Play Madden 17 For Free, Here's How
Football season is upon us, which means fans of the Madden series are neck-deep in the latest offering form EA Sports. If you need a bit of extra persuading, however, you can tackle the entire game for a limited time. You'll want to shake a leg, though, as the free play period expires later today.
Why One Game Composer Used A Real Human Skull To Make His Music
Playdead Studio's Inside is a haunting experience. It's not a traditional horror game but it has plenty of chilling and frightful moments. Well, a lot of those chilling moments were made possible thanks to music made with a human skull, and the composer recently explained why he decided to go that route.
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