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Check Out Atari's New Console

Originally revealed during E3 2017, we're finally getting our first good look at the upcoming Ataribox, the first brand new console from the folks at Atari to grace living rooms in several decades.

Atari Is Working On A New Console

Here's a major E3 announcement nobody was expecting: Atari is back in the business of making hardware. In fact, they've got some sort of new console in development, though the particulars of this new "Atari Box" are a complete mystery for the time being.

Atari Is Being Sued, Get The Details

After long-running financial troubles, Atari seems to have gotten its feet back under itself. According to one developer, though, the cost of that return to success may have been borne by some shady business. These allegations have led to a lawsuit.

Facebook Just Added A New Way To Play Classic Video Games

Classic Namco, Taito and Atari arcade games have made their way to Facebook. Even more than that, the social media giant has introduced a new way in which classic games from the aforementioned publishers can be played online, all from the comfort of your browser.

This Is What Pong Would Look Like In Real-Life

Ever wonder what a physical version of Pong would look like? Well wonder no longer, because some guy has decided to take it upon himself to build the world's first real-life Pong machine.

RollerCoaster Tycoon World Finally Gets An Early Access Release Date

Hard to believe, but it's been more than a decade since the most recent RollerCoaster Tycoon hit the market. Atari is finally dusting the franchise off for the latest entry, RollerCoaster Tycoon World, which is heading to Steam Early Access next week.

If You're A Gamer, You Need To Vacation At This Hotel At Least Once

When the average person dreams up a vacation, it’s typically somewhere isolated and tropical with red, orange and pink sunsets and breezy palm trees. But for gamers, their idea vacation might be a trip to this arcade hotel.

Atari Is Bringing A Ton Of Classic Games To Steam

Are you ready to party like it's 1979? Announced earlier today, the Atari Vault will bring 100 classic games to Steam later this spring, complete with some spiffy new features.

Atari Considering Reboots For These Classic Games

A few days ago, Atari unveiled its latest release, a first-person reboot of a 1979 arcade classic. Asteroids: Outpost is bound to rub some retro fanboys the wrong way, and it's not the only piece of Atari's catalog that's getting a modern makeover.

Atari's New Fitness App Lets You Unlock Classic Arcade Games With Exercise

Atari might be feeling a little guilty about any contribution it may have made to America's obesity epidemic. This week, the company released a brand new app that tricks retro gamers into exercising by rewarding fitness with old-school games like Pong, Super Breakout, and Centipede.

RollerCoaster Tycoon World Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

A new gameplay trailer has been unveiled by longtime publisher Atari. The development team working behind the game also posted a recent developer blog for GDC, detailing their progress on the development of the game and what gamers can expect from the revitalized franchise.

Google's DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Taught Itself To Play Breakout

Google's new research project dubbed DeepMind is being used for a variety of things that they can't talk about, but one of the things that they can talk about is DeepMind's affinity for doing exceptionally well at playing video games... even better than humans.

Pac-Man-Themed Restaurant Level 257 Opens In Chicago

If you're looking for a rad new place in Chicago to grab a bite, play some games and enjoy an evening out on the town, then you might want to look into Level 257, a new establishment that offers all of the above, as well as a fun Pac-Man theme.

Excavated E.T. Atari Games Make $37K In Initial Auctions

It looks like there’s still a bit of money to be made in the E.T. license, so long as you don’t mind said money being made on filthy, recently unearthed copies of the property’s ill-fated Atari 2600 video game. The results of a recent auction featuring a collection of the games actually netted $37,000.

Atari's Minimum Graduates From Steam's Early Access

Atari is still making games believe it or not. Their latest offering is called Minimum and it's a third-person, 5-on-5 battle-arena game. Now I know that description sounds pretty lame and doesn't seem terribly interesting, but the truth is that the weapon customization, character customization and titan battles (yes there are titans) all help give the game a bit of an identity all its own.

Alone In The Dark: Illumination Announced With New Trailer

Atari is bringing back an old classic and giving it the reboot treatment... again. After trying their hand at reviving the game back in 2008 with Alone in the Dark, Atari has decided that six years was enough time and space to create a bit of marketing separation from the last outing.

Minimum Is Like Titanfall Meets Quake, Free Game Codes Available

You're here about the “free” stuff and your main concern is whether or not a free game is worth the process of finding out how to get your hands on one of the Steam codes.

Atari's E.T. Games Uncovered In New Mexico Dig

The long-rumored landfill of Atari's abysmal E.T. carts that helped lead toward the complete, crushing collapse of the home console entertainment arena in 1983, known mostly as the “video game crash of '83”, has been uncovered.

Blood Remake Rejected By Atari

The planned remake of retro shooter Blood will not be happening after all. Monolith Productions founder Jace Hall revealed this week that Atari, the company that owns the rights to the game, has declined to continue the project.

Atari Filing For Bankruptcy In U.S.

It’s a bittersweet day for fans of classic gaming as Atari’s U.S. operations file for chapter 11 bankruptcy as the company seeks “to separate from the structural financial encumbrances of their French parent holding company, Atari S.A., and secure independent capital for future growth,” according to a statement provided by the company. So, Atari U.S. as we know it is going the way of the dodo but, like its fine feathered friend the Phoenix, the company hopes to rise from the ashes anew.

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