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Yahoo Used A Screenshot From This Popular Video Game In A Scientific Article About Saturn
A report from Yahoo about sustaining life on one of Saturn's moons has managed to find itself in the controversial crosshairs of video game media. Why? Because the article mistakenly used a screenshot from Bungie's Destiny for the scientific report.
Destiny: Rise Of Iron Is Gunning For An Epic Experience, According To The Community Manager
Destiny's next major expansion, Rise of Iron, is due out in just a few months and, according to Community Manager Eric Osborne, the team at Bungie is striving to make this adventure into the Plaguelands an epic one.
Here’s What Activision Has Planned For E3
While Activision won't have a booth at E3, that doesn't mean Activision still can't bring on the action with their most popular upcoming games. Just today, they announced plans for their E3 schedule including their most popular franchise, Call Of Duty.
When Destiny Rise Of Iron Will Officially Be Releasing
Bungie has been long-rumored to be working on a new expansion pack for Destiny. The name of the pack? The Rise of Iron. Well, it turns out that the leaks and rumors were true and the company officially unveiled the new expansion along with the release date and price.
Destiny Developer Is Gearing Up For A Major Reveal, Get The Details
Bungie has some big plans for Destiny and they're going to drop the details soon. How soon? Try June 9th at 10am PST and 6PM BST. The reveal will take place on Bungie's live stream on Twitch, giving gamers a look at the mysterious Rise of Iron expansion.
Here's What The Next Destiny Expansion Will Be, According To Leaked Information
According to a leaked poster displaying art for the next Destiny expansion, players will soon experience the Rise of Iron in Bungie’s mega-hit first-person shooter. And look! There are wolves!
Why You Won't Be Able To Play This Weekend's Trials Of Osiris In Destiny
If you were looking forward to playing the next Trials Of Osiris this weekend in Destiny, well you’re out of luck. Because this weekend’s Trials Of Osiris has been cancelled. But Bungie has a good reason for cancelling the event.
New Destiny Update Will Fix This Really Annoying Issue
Bungie will be fixing some annoying bugs in Destiny that have been persistent in the game for a long while. They have a two step approach to killing the bugs, one of which is a really annoying melee attack that doesn't actually connect the fist to the head the way it's supposed to.
Destiny's April Update Will Have Great Bonuses For PlayStation Users
It looks like Bungie and Sony are still BFFs, as folks playing Destiny on PlayStation consoles will once again see some exclusive content when the game's upcoming update goes live.
Destiny Will Be Getting A Sequel Next Year, Activision Says
Speculation about Destiny 2 has been running rampant after gamers slowly started losing interest in the current game. While some within the community had hoped that Destiny 2 would be released this year, it appears as if it may not arrive until 2017.
Destiny Isn't Going To Charge Real Money For Game Ammo, Despite Rumor
Destiny hasn't been dominating the news quite the same way that it was last year and the year before that. However, there's always one thing that keeps a game at the top of headlines: rumors. In this case the rumor was that Destiny would be including ammo microtransactions, but Activision has shut down that rumor.
We Won't Be Seeing Destiny 2 This Year
The future of Destiny remains hazy, but it sounds like we can rest assured about one major route along the road ahead: It doesn't sound like Destiny 2 is coming this year.
See What Destiny Has Planned For Its Valentine's Day Event
Bungie revealed details on the upcoming Valentine's Day event they have marked down for February 9 for their popular sci-fi shooter. The event will be called “Crimson Days” and it introduces a brand new Crucible mode in Destiny for the 2 vs 2 matches. The description of the mode leaves a lot to the imagination.
New Dying Light Enhanced Edition Trailer Shows Off Bounties
Dying Light: Enhanced Edition is ready to launch on Nov. 9, bringing with it all sorts of improvements over the core game, as well as the introduction of a new activity system called “Bounties.”
Watch A Group Of Guardians In Destiny Dance To The Backstreet Boys
I'm not much a fan of Destiny and the gameplay oftentimes puts me to sleep, but every once in a while there is something that pops up that's actually both funny and entertaining, no matter what you think about the game itself. In this case, there's a dance routine set to the Backstreet Boys and it's great.
Destiny Fans Can Get A Special Holiday Treat From Bungie
Bungie is celebrating the holidays with some special giveaways during Christmas leading up to and through the new year. The new content will be handed out to players as they participate in events between January 7th and through January 10th to receive an emblem, in addition to some strange coins and 15 emotes of light.
Watch Destiny Player Beat Crota With His Voice
Because folks can't just play Destiny using a controller the way the good folks at Bungie intended, now we've got a guy taking down Crota with nothing but the power of his voice.
Destiny Is Adding Sparrow Racing
Sony hasn't been messing around with the PlayStation Experience weekend. This year's event has played host to all sorts of huge announcements and great trailer and content reveals for some of the biggest games on the market, including Bungie's Destiny. What did the shooter game receive? An announcement for a Sparrow racing league.
Destiny's Warpriest Challenge Is Now Live
Bungie is keeping Destiny fresh and alive with some new challenges. The first of those challenges is a Warpriest event that will see players pushed to their limits in how they mix up their strategies to defeat him.
Destiny Refer-A-Friend Trailer Shows Off The Exclusive Rewards
While Bungie has already listed the reward details for its upcoming Refer-a-Friend promotion in Destiny, some folks tend to be more visual learners. To that end, the team has put together a handy little video that shows off all of the goods you can earn by helping a new Guardian get to know the universe.
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