Destiny's Newest Update Brings Back Peter Dinklage

Ghost from Destiny

Many players' favorite line of dialogue from Destiny never actually made it into the final game. Until now. Get ready, Guardians, because you can now once again find out where, exactly, "that wizard" came from.

Following the recent Moments of Triumph update, players have been diving into all of the new goodies Destiny has to offer. From upgraded Raids to new missions, gear and achievements to work through, there's plenty of new content to keep everyone busy while they wait for Destiny 2 to finally arrive.

Some players, however, decided to explore some of the campaign's original missions and, in doing so, discovered that a wonderful little piece of Destiny lore has been plugged back into the game; specifically, Peter Dinklage's iconic reading of the line, "That wizard came from the moon."

The folks over at Eurogamer stumbled upon a reddit page claiming that Bungie had dropped a rather glorious Easter egg into one of the campaign's earlier missions. To get the full effect, though, we're going to need to do a quick history lesson.

Back when Destiny was in alpha, a line from the game that was shown off in promotional clips featured the player's Ghost, then voiced by Peter Dinkleage, saying "That wizard came from the moon," following the completion of a mission wherein the player straight-up murdered a space wizard. The mission results in the player eventually leaving Earth in order to investigate said moon.

The problem is that the line was admittedly terrible and, thanks to viewer reaction, Bungie decided to cut it from the game. The funny thing here is that only some folks hated the line and thought that it was too cheesy for what, at the time, felt like a more dramatic game. After the initial negative buzz, a vocal group of supporters turned it into an early Destiny meme, eventually even becoming an official shirt you could buy from the developers.

Many were bummed that the line never made it into the final build of Destiny, and then all of Dinkleage's lines were eventually removed from the game and replaced by Nolan North. Now that the Moments of Triumph update has gone live, though, the line has been returned to its rightful place.

As you can see in the above video, folks who jump back into the mission "The Dark Within" may trigger a new post-mission line of dialogue that boasts the original line from Dinkleage, followed by Ghost clearing his throat and going back to a confused Nolan North.

It's a pretty great love letter to the history of the game, one that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.