Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy, And 6 Other Queer Comic Book Couples We’d Love To See In Live-Action

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn.
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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or maybe even the rebuilding of the DC universe with James Gunn – there are so many possible romantic relationships. And while I know most of us would love to watch some of the best romantic comedies out there, sometimes, we really want to see romance in our superhero movies – specifically, LGBTQ+ romance and representation. 

Those behind our favorite movies have been making some awesome strides recently to bring representation to the big screen in terms of superheroes, such as introducing America Chavez and her mothers in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or Phastos and his husband in Eternals, but there’s always room for more, and these are some LGBTQ+ comic book couples, like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, that we would love to see brought to life on the big screen. 

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn.

(Image credit: HBO Max)

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy

This is coming right off of Margot Robbie’s recent comments about her wanting to bring this relationship to life in live-action. While Robbie has portrayed the role of Harley Quinn for several years now, she’s never been shown with a female romantic interest – and one of her best relationships in DC Comics is with fellow villain, Poison Ivy. 

For those who don’t know, there’s a show on HBO Max right now called Harley Quinn that is all about the famous female supervillain, and it has recently been renewed for Season 4. Harley and Ivy are very much together on that show, but so far, we haven’t seen them come together on the big screen. Tto be honest, that would be the best relationship they could show, since Ivy is always there for Harley in the comics. 

Renee Montoya and Batwoman in DC Comics.

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Batwoman And Renee Montoya

Ah, what could have been. 

While the canceled Batwoman series had cast Renee Montoya for Season 3, the show ended before anything could potentially happen between her and Batwoman. In DC Comics, these two are basically the best and work side-by-side when Renee is outed and framed for murder, and that’s how their relationship really started. 

See, here’s the thing – Renee Montoya was in Birds of Prey, played by Rosie Perez, but Batwoman most certainly was not. And, considering the future of the DCEU is sort of up in the air right now with all the movie cancellations, one can only hope that somewhere down the line, these two might end up crossing paths once again. 

Hulkling and Wiccan in Marvel Comics.

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Hulkling And Wiccan

I’m counting down the days until I possibly get to see this one. Arguably one of Marvel’s most beloved LGBTQ+ couples, these two have been together since Young Avengers began in the comics. What makes them so unbelievably sweet is that there really isn’t any toxicity between these two whatsoever – they truly care for each other, so much so that they’ve even gotten married in the comics. 

While Wiccan has been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through WandaVision, we haven’t seen Hulkling yet. But, with the universe changing and expanding all the time, I think now would be the perfect time to bring him in – considering She-Hulk just happened, let’s bring in more Hulks. Why not? 

Midnighter and Apollo in DC Comics.

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Midnighter And Apollo 

I have gone on for hours in the past about both Midnighter and Apollo. When I spoke about LGBTQ+ heroes that I want to see brought to the big screen, they were two of my top choices – and of course, they’re a couple.

Basically, think of Midnighter and Apollo as an LGBTQ+ version of Batman and Superman. One doesn’t have any powers but is just a genius, and the other is a literal Sun God that could kill you with a snap of his fingers thanks to aliens, and together, they work like magic. They are absolutely great together and not only form a fantastic partnership but a great romantic relationship as well. I’m still waiting for them to be introduced in the DC movies, but maybe we'll get them before too much longer. 

Rictor and Shatterstar in Marvel Comics.

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Rictor And Shatterstar

There’s a higher chance of this happening now more than ever, considering the X-Men have been absorbed by Disney and are no doubt going to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. Rictor and Shatterstar, two mutants, actually shared one of the first male on male kisses in Marvel Comics, so their relationship as a whole is already a huge defining moment for LGBTQ+ representation. 

Besides that, they’re just really cool. Rictor can manipulate the earth and Shatterstar is just a sick superhuman with the ability to create portals and use shockwaves and so much more. These two are badass – could you imagine having them as a couple in the MCU? They would be unstoppable. 

Mystique and Destiny in Marvel Comics.

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Mystique And Destiny

I mean, just the names together – Mystique and Destiny – sound like the name of a romance novel, if we’re being honest. However, these two are a couple that were always meant to be. They even raised one of fans' favorite mutants, Rogue. 

While Mystique has very much been in the X-Men films, portrayed by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence in different movies, we’ve never seen Destiny on the big screen. I always found Mystique to be one of the most interesting X-Men, since she can look like any human she wants to, but Destiny is so cool too – she can literally see the future. I think having these two together in the future would be an absolute win for Marvel. 

Colossus and Northstar in Marvel Comics.

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Colossus And Northstar

Last but not least, we have to talk about Colossus and Northstar. While their relationship didn’t end up lasting forever in the comics, and Northstar eventually married someone else, it was still a great pairing for the time that it lasted and I think it would be fun to see something like that in an upcoming X-Men movie – or, and hear me out, maybe in Deadpool 3.

I mean, Deadpool does joke about Colossus’ sexuality a bit in Deadpool 2, so who knows? It might end up being a hint towards something to come. But, what a day that would be  – and you know Wade Wilson would ship the heck out of them. 

There are truly so many great superheroes out there that are a part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and it would be great to see their couples come to life on the big screen for us all to enjoy. Hopefully, we’ll be able to experience that soon enough. 

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