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How You Can Get Battlefield 4 DLC For Free Right Now
Electronic Arts and DICE are continuing to give away free content for Battlefield 4 leading up to their reveal of Battlefield _'s campaign mode. The free DLC is the _Naval Strike content, which came out two years ago back in March. It's available right now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC gamers.
Star Wars Battlefront Is Adding A Fan-Favorite Character
One of Star Wars' most iconic characters is finally making their way into the popular third-person shooter, Battlefront, and he's bringing his trusty bowcaster along for the ride.
This Is What The Battlefield 1 Guns Will Look Like During Gameplay
After a Reddit user leaked a ton of information, including the entire list of Battlefield 1 weapons, one YouTube channel posted a video showing off all of the weapons in action during gameplay---and some of them are amazingly brutal.
A Massive Battlefield 1 Leak Reveals More Information On The Single-Player Campaign And A Giant List Of All The Weapons
Reddit user Lobix posted the large amount of new information on Battlefield 1 with the simple message, "EA and DICE, I'm sorry <3". And a part of that data dump included more details on the single-player campaign and a huge list of the weapons.
The Best Of E3 Full List Of 2016 Nominees
This year's E3 was a whirlwind of creative and innovative games, but of course some stood out more than others. And E3 has finally released the list of nominees up for awards in 16 categories. See the full list here.
I Tried Playing The Sims 4 Without Cheating And Here’s What Happened
Ever since the debut of The Sims back in 2000, cheat codes have been a critical part of surviving in The Sims universe. Without the cheat codes, how would you make so much money? Get a job? But I wanted to see just how hard it would be if I limited myself to playing The Sims 4 without cheat codes, and things didn't turn out so well.
3 Things EA Play Could've Done Better
I was excited to attend EA Play yesterday, EA's own version of E3 where they were able to show off their upcoming games to the public. But while I was there, I noticed EA Play wasn't exactly as exciting as they had tried to make it out to be. With the exception of the press conference, EA Play felt like a total bust.
Major Titanfall 2 Leak Unveils Six New Titans
Some of Electronic Arts' press materials for their E3-oriented EA Play live-stream managed to leak ahead of schedule. The rehearsals was made live and some of the assets were leaked, revealing some details about Titanfall 2 and some of the new Titans players will control in the game.
Titanfall 2 Teaser Released Ahead Of E3 Reveal On Sunday
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released a 12 second teaser video for Titanfall 2 ahead of the game's official gameplay reveal set to take place during Electronic Arts' EA Play conference this upcoming Sunday.
5 Confirmed Games For E3 Week I Can't Wait To See
While many game developers I have met don't like going to E3 every year, I can't seem to get enough of it. And this year, being my second year at E3, is still no different. While some companies like EA and Disney have dropped out of showing off games at E3, I've still got a list of games I can't wait to see during the week of E3, whether they're at the expo or not.
The Sims 4 Might Be Coming To PS4 And Xbox One
It's been a long time since The Sims was introduced to console and fans are still hoping that EA plans on bringing the simulation game to next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.
Battlefield 1: What We Know So Far
This is the Battlefield game everyone's been dreaming of since Battlefield 1942. And since the reveal, we've gotten a whirlwind of information about the upcoming title from DICE and EA.
How The Sims 4 Just Broke All The In-Game Gender Boundaries
If you’ve been a Sims fan since the very beginning, then you completely understand the process of creating a Sim. Men can be skinny or fat, muscular, and have a varying selection of male-sounding voices while women can choose sweet, high-pitched voices and boob size. It’s all been very black and white in The Sims—until now.
More Details Emerge On Why Battlefield 1's WWI Theme Almost Didn't Happen
Gaming Blend recently reported on the reasoning behind why Battlefield 1 almost didn’t happen, but now at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Global Technology Conference with EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, he exclaimed that there were other concerns about Battlefield 1 besides just tackling the WWI theme.
The Sims 4 Announced A New And Tasty Game Pack
The Sims franchise seems to always be scrambling around for new content to keep their heavily-addicted Sim-players happy. The Sims has just announced a new game pack called The Sims Dine Out and it will give players a chance to dip their toes into the food business or dine out in style.
How EA Plans To Jump Ahead In The VR Race
Electronic Arts hasn't been pushing too much into the VR space as some other publishers and technology companies, but that's because they're focusing more on creating a very serious foundation for some impressive sounding technologies within the VR space.
Why Battlefield 1 Almost Didn't Happen
One of the most liked trailers in the history of YouTube and one of the most anticipated shooters due out this fall, almost didn't happen. That's right, Battlefield 1 was almost going to be another sci-fi shooter on the line of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare if the executives at EA had their way.
Why You Should Be Playing Star Wars Battlefront This Weekend
Whether you’re new to Star Wars Battlefront or are an old hand who simply hasn’t picked up the game’s Outer Rim DLC just yet, you’ll want to be sure to boot up the game over the weekend to experience that very content free of charge.
Watch The Battlefield 1 Trailer Recreated In Grand Theft Auto 5
Replacing a flamethrower with a minigun, the Zeppelin with a blimp, and an air carrier with a yacht, machinima maker J57F managed to make due with some quirky objects and items to recreate the Battlefield 1 trailer in GTA V.
5 Ways To Tell If You're Living Vicariously Through Your Characters In The Sims
Don’t deny it; everyone who has played The Sims has done it once or twice. Well, living vicariously through your Sims characters is nothing to be ashamed of and the best way to tell is to start with the basics.
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