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The Nintendo Switch Day One Update Brings Back Everybody's Least Favorite Part Of The Wii
A lot of folks will be standing in line at midnight tonight, eager to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch. When they first plug in the console and download that day one update, though, they'll also be revisited by an old nemesis.
Why The Switch Is Superior To The Wii U, According To Ubisoft
With the Nintendo Switch only a few months out from launch, a lot of buzz from developers is making its way around the internet. According to one Ubisoft executive, Nintendo's new console already has the Wii U beat thanks to design and messaging.
What Skylanders Imaginators Means For Toys To Life Games
Skylanders, as I remember, was the first real toys to life game to hit the market. It first released in 2011 into a gaming audience that had no idea how Skylanders worked or what it even meant to own the toys. But with the downfall of its biggest competitor, Disney Infinity, Activision knew they had to do something with Skylanders—and fast.
Disney Infinity Is Shutting Down, Here's What We Know
Disney Interactive has been surprising fans of all ages with Disney Infinity playsets, a direct competitor of Activision’s Skylanders playsets. But after many years of milking Disney movie releases to regurgitate products like the ever-popular Frozen figures for Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive announced suddenly that they were cancelling Disney Infinity.
This Is What Super Mario Kart Looks Like With Over 100 Racers
I'm sure some gamers out there have been wondering what Super Mario Kart would be like with more players. Each new iteration has seen a bump up in player count and in track size. Well, one creative gamer decided to test out what it would be like with 100 racers on the track at one time.
See The New 722nd Pokemon That Has Been Unveiled For Western Audiences
If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then you’ve still got some Pokemon catching to do. That’s right, trainers, there’s a new pocket-sized monster just waiting to be caught, and she was revealed over the weekend as part of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration. Say hello to the clockwork wonder, Magearna.
New Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trailer Shows Off The Narrative
Nintendo released a new story trailer for the HD re-release of the decade old Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The trailer covers the basic plot elements of Hyrule being attacked, Link getting turned into a wolf, link getting captured, and Link being rescued by princess Midna.
A Modder Is Bringing Waluigi And King K. Rool To Super Smash Bros
There's a host of new characters inbound and recently released for Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the original Wii, this includes Waluigi, Black Shadow and King K. Rool. A new video shows Waluigi in action as well as how to install him for non-modded Wii and Wii U game systems.
Popular Super Smash Bros. Mod Project M Is Shutting Down
It’s a bittersweet day for Project M fans, as the popular mod development team for Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally closing shop.
PS4 And PS3 Dominate In Porn Usage
Gaming and porn seems to go hand-in-hand. It might seem unlikely to some but according to the recent breakdown in statistics by YouPorn, a large portion of gamers really love spending a bit of time browsing through the pornographic website whenever they can.
Dolphin Emulator Can Improve Wii And GameCube Games
One of the big debates in the world of eighth-gen gaming centers around the limitations of today's game consoles not being able to properly hit 60fps in certain key game titles. Well, in the world of emulation the Dolphin emulator has managed to stomp out the arguments by enabling gamers to retroactively get games capped at 30fps to run at 60fps.
Watch This Guy Beat Punch-Out! While Blindfolded
So a guy managed to beat all of Punch-Out! on the NES through a Wii emulator, all in one sitting... blindfolded! If that sounds insane, if you don't think it's possible, if it seems too far fetched, if it's one of those things you have to see to believe... well, you're in luck because you can see it to believe it.
Nintendo Wins Wii Lawsuit
After having the heavy hammer of scrutiny come down at the hands of the judicial law, it has been determined that the lawsuit filed against Nintendo for patent infringement will not continue. Nintendo has won.
Club Nintendo's August Rewards Include Eight Games
Gather round, children, and hear my tale of a bountiful Club Nintendo harvest, featuring eight grand titles from generations past and present, all ready to be played on your Wii, Wii U or 3DS console.
Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Gameplay Trailer Is Light On Gameplay
Who wants to see some cobbled-together cut-scenes and in-engine gameplay shots from Activision's upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, where the company decided to duct-tape two decent ideas together in order to make a 100% okay game?
Wii, Nintendo DS Online Games Saved By Homebrew Community
Over on the GitHub page, there's a detailed rundown on how to get your Wii or DS back up and running with its online functionality.
Wii And DS Multiplayer Shut Down Permanently
Today Nintendo pulled the plug on the Wi-Fi features for the Wii, DS, and DSi. This effectively removes online multiplayer from those platforms' games as well as matchmaking and leaderboards.
Unity Announces UNET Multiplayer Development Tools
Unity Technology is making it known that developers will no longer have to trudge through the battlefield of network multiplayer programming. They are offering a much easier solution for newbs and pros alike.
Nintendo Cutting Online Functionality For Wii, DS
Get in as much online multiplayer with your Wii and DS games as you can over the next three months because, come May 20, Nintendo will be shutting down online functionality for all of its last-gen games.
10 Reasons Mario Kart 64 Is Still Loved By Everyone
Mario Kart 64 is a kart game that still holds a near and dear place in the hearts of gamers the world around for a number of reasons, and this list kind of rolls them all out for those of stricken with a bit of nostalgia
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