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I'm sure some gamers out there have been wondering what Super Mario Kart would be like with more players. Each new iteration has seen a bump up in player count and in track size. Well, one creative gamer decided to test out what it would be like with 100 racers on the track at one time.

The machinima is put together by YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer. It's three and a half minutes long and features 100 different 16-bit kart racers from a wide variety of different games and anime. You can check it out below.

The race takes place on the very first track of the Mushroom Cup, best known as the Mario Circuit. It features 101 races from the Mario Kart series, along with characters from all sorts of other games as well. You can see Dr. Eggman in his mech from Sonic 2 (which was later revived in Sonic & Knuckles) along with Sonic and Tails. There's also Master Chief from Halo, Captain Falcon from F-Zero, Kirby, and even Link from The Legend of Zelda.

R.O.B. The robot is also there, but he's just using his treads to race and he's not actually in a kart, and there's a brief showing of both Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat in there, too.

The match starts in typical Mario Kart fashion, with Toad burning out and getting left behind. He eventually gets back into the race and starts passing up people left and right. It looks like he's on the way to victory for a bit until he gets punched out of his kart and it gets stolen. Toad hijacks the Blue Falcon from the Captain and proceeds to blast by the competition, blazing through the field as he nears the last lap and the finish line.

Things look like they're going great for Toad for a while but then he gets hit by a blue turtle shell and the Blue Falcon explodes on him. After getting passed up by more than a dozen racers, Toad eventually picks himself back up and then heads across the finish line on foot.

If you really want to play this kind of experience for yourself in Mario Kart... you can't. This is a machinima and Hat-Loving gamer only put it together to spread smiles across faces. This isn't an actual mod and the SNES wasn't retrofitted with a turbo-charger. That's not to mention that most people would seriously get into massive debt trying to afford 100 working SNES controllers given how rare they are these days.

Anyway, this was a pretty cool video and if you check out the description, Hat-Loving Gamer took the time to list all of the characters and name which games they're from. It's an exhausting list and I got tired just looking at it. Feel free to check out the video description and see if you're able to name all of the characters before seeing the full list for yourself.