Aaron Paul's Need For Speed Accelerates With Brand New Poster

By Gabe Toro 2013-12-19 13:54:46discussion comments
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Iíve got a needÖ a need forÖ that stoner guy in a bunch of movies from 10 years ago!

Yes, Aaron Paulís made it quite a long way since playing frat boys, stoners, and "wasted guy" in Van Wilder: Party Liaison, but his career has certainly got a nice boost from becoming Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. And the bet is on him making another jump from Emmy-winning TV star to Hollywood leading man in Need For Speed, which burns rubber at the theater on March 14th.

Thanks to IMDb, we have a peek at the new poster, one that seriously doubles down on the star power of Mr. Paul. Fitting the trend of a movie like Need For Speed making you feel old, the names above the poster are likely ones that have never been billed in this aspect before. Dominic Cooper, who will probably make a great villain because he's British, was seen this year giving a surprisingly good performance in the otherwise-forgettable Dead Man Down, and is known to legions of nerds as Tony Starkís daddy: heíll reprise his Howard Stark role in next yearís Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But who is Scott Mescudi, asks everyone? Well, apparently thatís the acting name for recording artist Kid Cudi. Pretty ballsy: for comparisonís sake, would any hip hop fan be convinced to see a movie if it featured Shawn Carter, and not Jay Z?

Though the poster sells this as a pretty epic battle happening inside Aaron Paulís arteries (the helicopter is a metaphor for congestion, you see), this is indeed based on the series of racing games by Electronic Arts. The movies have amped up the action quite a bit, if the trailer trailer is anything to go by. Paul plays a mechanic named Tobey (wait, really?) who takes the fall for a wealthy competitor and goes to prison, emerging two years later with revenge in his carburetor. Vroom vroom! Not only is there a race involved in this revenge scheme, but itís up to Tobey to outrun a fleet of cops on his tail, part of a series of booby traps set up by his target Dino (Cooper). Mmm, it doesnít get more intense than a standoff between a guy named Tobey and a dude named Dino! Because this movie doesnít have enough ridiculous names, the film also stars Imogen Poots, who could not get onto the poster because she is not a boy.

Scott Waugh directs, moving from directing "real acts of valor" in the Navy SEALS-starring Act Of Valor, to simply making a film based on a video game. Thereís some sort of left-wing commentary to be made there, surely. Will you have a Need For Speed this March 14th? Sound off in the comments below. Please try to use your real name, Mr. Mescudi.
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