Arrested Development Movie Delayed Again

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-11 01:49:30discussion comments
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Itís difficult to believe that anyone actually expects an Arrested Development movie to happen at this point. Itís been teased endlessly by the cast for years now, but how long can fandom allow itself to be teased? Last word was that it was really, really happening this time. Now, weíre back to not so much.

Arrested star Jason Bateman recently spoke to MTV and told them the whole thing has been pushed back again. He says, ďWe're hoping for the end of the year.Ē Not long ago word was that shooting was set to commence before the year was out.

Instead, showrunner Mitch Hurwitz has found something heíd rather do. Heís working on a new comedy series with Will Arnett and Bateman says thatís pushed it back a few more months. And after that? Iím sure itíll be pushed again. Itís obviously not really a priority either for Hurwitz or Fox. If itís not a priority, then maybe they shouldnít do it? I mean at this point why are they doing it? Talk is cheap, their actions seem to indicate itís something nobody involved is really all that excited about.

But letís be fair. The showís only been cancelled for half a decade. Iím sure if they just wait a full decade, interest in it will crescendo and then the timing will be right. Give it time, letís sell a few more Arrested Development DVDs first.
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