Bruce Willis Coming Back To Sin City For Sequel

By Sean O'Connell 2013-01-21 08:08:48discussion comments
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This years Sundance Film Festival has become a bubbling wellspring of information on upcoming projects, as news outlets look beyond the films that talents are in Park City to promote to ask them about movies they have on the horizon.

Case in point: Robert Rodriguez was in town for an anniversary screening of his early hit El Mariachi, and spoke with MTV about the work hes putting into Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. You can listen to their interview below, but the biggest reveal from the Sin City director is that original star Bruce Willis is in fact coming back for the sequel. Heres Rodriguez.

Bruce is back, so he will be seen, Rodriguez states, though he stays vague beyond that, and Im OK with it. We dont want to have all of the surprises from a second Sin City spoiled long before Rodriguez even completes filming. He does talk in the clip about his filming process on these films, shooting actors as their schedules become available and then puzzle-piecing it all together after the fact. In addition to Willis, he mentioned roles for Juno Temple, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, wholl star in a story titled The Long, Bad Night. Sounds great!

Willis, meanwhile, is stuck in a mini-rut of playing characters hes played before. In addition to Sin City, he has sequels to Die Hard and Red on the docket. These are parts his audience wants to see, but it will be time for Willis to risk and stretch in original projects soon, instead of coasting on the goodwill of a previous hit.
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