Callan McAuliffe Joining Bradley Cooper In Alex Proyas's Paradise Lost

By Sean O'Connell 2011-09-29 09:19:28discussion comments
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Callan McAuliffe Joining Bradley Cooper In Alex Proyas's Paradise Lost image
Callan McAuliffeís star continues to rise. After logging supporting turns in the sci-fi effort I Am Number Four and Rob Reinerís sweetly nostalgic comedy Flipped, the Australian teenagerís poised to add another high-profile role to his growing resume.

Variety says Alex Proyas has cast McAuliffe for the crucial role of Uriel, one of the first seven archangels created by God, in the upcoming adaptation of John Miltonís Paradise Lost. The big-budget, effects-heavy translation of Miltonís timeless poem will map out the legendary battle between Lucifer and God for control of the heavens. The Hangover star Bradley Cooper has been cast as Satan, who will square off against the archangel Michael (Ben Walker) and Uriel, his second-in-command.

The trade also notes that Proyas is eying Diego Boneta, who has a part in Adam Shankmanís upcoming Rock of Ages musical, to play AdamÖ as in ďGarden of EdenĒ Adam, the father of all humanity. I find it interesting that Proyas is expanding his canvas to include all components of the Biblical legend. If handled properly, Paradise Lost could be an epic feature with eye-popping visuals (which we know Proyas can handle) and substantial drama to back up the effects.

Proyas will continue to round out his cast in the coming weeks. He recently hired Casey Affleck and Djimon Hounsou to play the archangel Gabriel and Abdiel, the Angel of Death, respectively. In earlier reports, Proyas was eyeballing Camilla Belle to play Eve. Makes sense. If you are going to cast an Adam, heís going to need an Eve.

As for McAuliffe, heís currently playing the young Gatsby in Baz Luhrmannís The Great Gatsby, a film with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. Like I said, a star on the rise.
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