Cam Gigandet Joins Anna Paquin In Free Ride

By Kelly West 2011-10-12 15:50:57discussion comments
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Cam Gigandet Joins Anna Paquin In Free Ride image
Vampire worlds will collide in a movie that has nothing to do with vampires. Twilights Cam Gigandet is set to join the cast of indie drama Free Ride, which has True Blood star Anna Paquin in the lead role for the film.

According to Variety, the actor joins Paquin in Free Ride, a drama set to be directed by Shana Sosin, which is based on a true story. Set in the late 70s, Paquins character is a single mother who moves her kids to Florida to make a life for herself amid the colorful yet turbulent culture of the late 1970s. Gigandet will play her love interest.

Cam Gigandet has done a number of big screen projects since playing villainous vampire James in the original Twilight movie, including Easy A, Priest and Burlesque, however he seems to be hanging on to Twilight as his most known claim to fame thus far. Considering how well he handled playing the bad-boy vampire James, it's not all that surprising that he continues to be associated with the role. Its also not difficult to picture him next to Anna Paquin, whose starring role on HBO's True Blood has many of us used to seeing her next to vampire-types, even if Free Ride appears to be fang-free.
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