Chris Rock Will Team With Heavyweight Producer Scott Rudin For Next Project

By Kristy Puchko 2013-03-19 10:39:31discussion comments
Chris Rock Will Team With Heavyweight Producer Scott Rudin For Next Project image
Chris Rock has had stellar success as a stand-up, but his movie career has been a mixed bag, with critics often scoffing, and audiences being a bit fickle in their affections. But lately, Rock's been gaining momentum in both camps. Audiences loved the critically scorned comedy Grown Ups to the tune of $271 million worldwide, netting it a sequel, and Rock won critics over with his blistering funny and vulnerable turn in Julie Delpy's daffy rom-com 2 Days in New York.

For his next act, Rock is returning to directing. Deadline reports he's got financing secured for his third directorial effort (following Head of State and I Think I Love My Wife), and he's got heavy hitting producer Scott Rudin by his side for the production that is set to shoot in New York this June. The movie is reportedly untitled but is " an edgy showbiz-themed comedy with romance" that Rock wrote and is set to star in.

It looks like the outlet's item is referring to Finally Famous, which we told you about earlier this month. Penned by Rock, the script centers on a comedian (Rock) who tries not only to break into movies, but also to do so as a "serious" actor, much to the shock of his fans. The casting call for the feature was looking for two female leads, one to play a popular reality TV star/fame chaser dedicated to marrying Rock's rising star character, the other a sultry and sharp journalist set to interview Rock on the night before his big wedding.

Could the former role be one that Rock had hoped to snag Melissa McCarthy for early last year? At time he described their proposed parts as "a Jerry Springer couple" husband and wife team, which is too little to go on in this instance. If so, it sounds like McCarthy said no. So, I'm hoping he had another project in mind for McCarthy's talents, because I'd love to see what these two could do onscreen together.

We'll give you more on this mysterious movie as it develops.
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