David Chase's Rock Pic Gets A Title

By Doug Norrie 2010-03-25 12:17:03discussion comments
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David Chase's Rock Pic Gets A Title image
We already knew Sopranos creator David Chase was getting started on his first feature film. Now, according to Production Weekly, that film has a title: The Twilight Zones.

Those looking to see Tony and Carmella get the family together in an old bus and start touring around the country performing groovy 70s rock will be sorely disappointed. Filming will begin this summer on the oddly-named production, and will focus on a group of guys forming a band (presumably The Twilight Zones") in the 1960s. Chase incorporated music extensively into The Sopranos and was meticulous in his choices of songs. With his new movie, he has a chance to put that knowledge to good use in telling the story of how a band forms and succeeds (and gets whacked in the end?).
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