Does The Cabin In The Woods Trailer Reveal Too Much?

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-12-06 15:43:01discussion comments
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Does The Cabin In The Woods Trailer Reveal Too Much? image
Prior to watching the first trailer for Drew Goddard and Joss Whedonís The Cabin in the Woods, I was under the impression that the film was your typical movie about young adults taking a trip into a backwoods area and being tormented by evil forces. And, frankly, thatís the movie the opening of the trailer suggested, replete with creepy hillbillies and the kids swimming in the nearby lake.

But then an eagle flies into what appears to be some kind of giant electrical fence and the movie suddenly transforms from The Evil Dead and Cabin Fever into Cube.

The reveal has some people wondering if the first preview for The Cabin in the Woods gives away too much of the plot and enters into spoiler territory. In her write up, our own Katey Rich warned viewers of ďa major twist,Ē while sites like The Washington Post and AICN marked their posts with spoiler warnings. Reading around the web, Iíve discovered multiple people saying that itís best to approach the film knowing as little about it as possible, an idea the trailer seems to work against. But then thereís the script review that Cinema Blendís Josh Tyler wrote back in September 2009. In his piece, Josh notes that ďFrom the beginning thereís no real doubt as to whatís going onĒ and that the secret of the cabin is revealed early on in the movie. But does that mean you should know that much about the plot of the film before even buying your ticket?

The rest of this discussion I will leave up to you, our loyal readers. Would you have preferred the movie to simply be set up as a standard cabin in the woods story only to be surprised by the sci-fi elements when you got into the theater? Or are you simply satisfied that you didnít actually see any of the main characters die in the trailer? Vote in our poll below and spill your guts in the comments section below.

Does the Cabin in the Woods trailer reveal too much story?


For those that missed it, here's the trailer we are talking about:

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