Fantastic Mr. Fox Featurette Shows Off Ancient Animation

By Tim Gomez 2009-09-01 23:56:17discussion comments
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Fantastic Mr. Fox Featurette Shows Off Ancient Animation image
Iíve never not been excited for a Wes Anderson movie. Sure, The Life Aquatic wasnít all that great, but it had its moments. Still, it kept me interested enough to watch The Darjeeling Limited, which I loved. So The Fantastic Mr. Fox represents a weird moment in my life as a fan of film. Itís the first time that not only am I not excited for a Wes Anderson movie, Iím actually dreading its coming.

And the new featurette posted on Apple doesnít really help the situation. Displaying all kinds of new scenes in addition to behind the scenes footage, the featurette sports Jason Schwartzmann as a narrator as he lovingly describes the process of making the movie. Unfortunately, the more footage they show, the worse it looks. I get what Wes was doing and how he was trying to give this the same feel as his other movies, but considering heís a man of detail, youíd thing that computer animation would be perfect for him.

Check out the featurette for yourself below:

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