As though it hasn’t been said enough, this summer’s Fast Five is absolutely the best of The Fast and the Furious franchise. That might be like saying Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is the best since the first Pirates film hit half a decade ago, but it’s not. Fast Five is not a return to the roots of something that was only okay in the first place—it’s a more thoughtful, well-executed, and can captivate any audience rather than just action lovers. You can check out Katey’s review, here.

Universal Home Entertainment is currently readying for an October release of Fast Five. It’s a late release for a movie that hit theaters mid-spring, but that’s only because Universal is unveiling a new app with the release. To tide its hungry fans over, the company has released some short cast interviews, which mostly just prove how irrelevant Paul Walker has become in pop culture.

The most professional of the group, Dwayne Johnson discusses his character, Hobbs…

We already know the ins and outs of Vin Diesel’s character, Dom, so in his video, he discusses driving the Dodge Charger…

Tyrese Gibson speaks with ridiculous wonderment about his time on Fast Five…

Even Matt Schulze gets an interview, which pretty much proves my point about Paul Walker…

Fast Five will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on October 4.




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