Joss Whedon Warns People Not To Spoil Cabin In The Woods

By Kelly West 2012-03-09 21:28:52discussion comments
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As the release of Cabin in the Woods approaches, I wonder if Iím the only one who feels a mixture of excitement and faint anxiety over the horror film. As a fan of both Joss Whedon and Drew Goddardís work, Iím excited to finally get to see their movie. And Iím also anxious over the thought that somehow, I wonít make it to the release without accidentally catching an earful of spoiler. Even the recent TV spot hints at a twist we wonít see coming.

The film made its debut at the South by Southwest Film Festival tonight, but it wonít arrive in theaters until April 13, which means we have more than a month to wait.

Rest assured, youíll get no spoilers in this article. Ahead, what youíll find is an amusing ďwarningĒ from Joss Whedon himself, courtesy of (via Whedonesque), in which he urges people not to spoil the movie. Itís more of a threat than a plea, though something tells me Joss Whedon fans wouldnít be disappointed with the ďpunishment.Ē

ďIf you give away the plot of this film to someone who hasnít seen it, I will personally come to your house and make fun of you in front of people you respect.Ē

Sure, heís mostly joking (at least, the part about coming to peopleís houses), but this only reaffirms the notion that Cabin in the Woods is a horror movie you wonít want to be spoiled on.

Weíll have a spoiler-free review of Cabin in the Woods posted later tonight, so be sure to keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, those of you who want a peek at the latest photos and TV spot (which teases ďYou think you know the story. Think again.Ē), click here.
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