Michael Bay-Produced Almanac Cribs From Back To The Future Part II

By Sean O'Connell 2012-12-01 16:06:56discussion comments
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Michael Bay-Produced Almanac Cribs From Back To The Future Part II image
Michael Bay has seen Back to the Future Part II, right? I mean, has he seen it recently? Because the story for Bayís planned Almanac lifts a crucial subplot right out of Bob Galeís BTTF II screenplay, and Iím wondering if thereís going to be a lawsuit.

Bay will produce (and not direct) Almanac, which the trades once described as a sci-fi/found-footage hybrid that was going after the same audience as Chronicle. Now Bleeding Cool is revealing more details, and hereís what they found out. The story will center around David, a nerdy high-schooler who canít seem to get the cute, popular girlís attention. Surprise, surprise.

David hatches a plan to win his sweetheartís affections: Heís going to win the science fair, and earn the college scholarship that comes with that accomplishment. Because his father was a reputed scientist, David digs through his dadís old stuff and unlocks two things: The ability to time travel, and; a sports almanac.

Not Grayís Sports Almanac, though, right? Because that would be too flat-out blatant. As you probably already know, a major plot point in the second Back to the Future finds old Biff traveling from the future to the past with a copy of a sports almanac that contains the results of every major sporting event. He gives the book to young Biff, telling him it will make both of them a fortune. And it does Ö but not without consequence.

There are several ways that Bay and his team can make an original and equally interesting story out of Almanac. But theyíre going to have to work twice as hard right off the bat to distance their production from the BTTF comparisons. At the moment, Bleeding Cool confirms that Almanac will mark the directorial debut of Dean Israelite, with Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan penning the script. Are you interested to see what comes of the project?
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