Muppets And Avengers Meet In One More Parody Trailer

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-27 15:13:13discussion comments
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OK, I know we said earlier today that this was going to be the final Muppets parody trailer after a long, long stream of clever Muppet parodies. But then we saw this one over on ScreenRant, which uses audio from the recent Avengers trailer, and we just canít help ourselves. We have to post it.

Mike Eisenberg edits the clip, and itís pretty spectacular. We wonít see The Muppets until Nov. 23, but hereís what I already know about it. The footage shot by director James Bobin fits with ANY audio from any movie, ever. Part of me wonders if Iíll be distracted thinking about the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Green Lantern and Paranormal Activity jokes that synch up with the Muppets images once weíre able to sit down and watch the actual movie.

As for the film, it stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams as potential lovers who agree to help Kermit, Miss Piggy and their puppet friends save the theater that used to house their show. The parody trailers likely are over. Now, to borrow a few words from our longtime friends, itís time to play the music. Itís time to light the lights. Itís time to get things started, so letís screen the Muppets movie sooner rather than later.
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