The Muppets Parody Twilight In The Latest Posters

By Kelly West 2011-11-15 10:08:06discussion comments
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November is not only the month that delivers the much awaited Muppets movie to the big screen, but itís also Twilight season, with Breaking Dawn Part 1 set to hit theaters later this week, which is why the latest Muppets posters are especially fitting.

Continuing the parody trend as part of their promotions, these Muppets posters, courtesy of Den of Geek, offer the Muppets' clever take on Twilight.

As youíll see in the first one, Kermit is Edward, the Vamphibian. And in the second one, Miss Piggy fittingly represents Kermitís main squeeze, Miss Bella Swine. As for whoís spoofing Jacob, check it out here.

Much in the way that a lot of hype really isnít exactly necessary to get Twilight fans to line up (or literally camp out) for Breaking Dawn, at this point, itís unlikely that Muppets fans really need to be sold on this film, but the promotions sure are a lot of fun, anyway!

The Muppets arrives in theaters on November 23rd. More on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.
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