Olympus Has Fallen Featurette Sells Gerard Butler As A Patriotic Badass

By Sean O'Connell 2013-03-13 19:42:31discussion comments
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ďThe most protected building on the planet has fallen.Ē And itís going to fall twice this year, as Olympus Has Fallen will be followed by White House Down in June. But director Antoine Fuqua and leading man Gerard Butler will try to defend 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from rampaging terrorists in an action-packed thriller thatís whetting fansí appetites with this new featurette, via Apple:

Fuqua, who helmed Shooter and Training Day, breaks down the preparation for Fallen, which mostly involves ďGerryĒ Butler training to fight, to box, and to kick serious ass. They talk about making it authentic, and from what we can see in the rapidly edited clips, it looks serious Ö and seriously entertaining. There's even more behind the scenes content in a previous featurette, which has co-star Morgan Freeman as a bonus.

Iím a D.C. native. I often fear for my city. The scene with the airplane flying over the National Mall, taking out the top of the Washington Monument, sends legitimate chills down my spine because D.C. seems like a vulnerable city, even though there have been rumors for as long as Iíve been aware about the airspace over the nationís capital being protected by a military presence. Still, the effects in that sequence are unbelievable. I almost donít want to see them on the big screen. Too chilling.

Olympus gets an important jump on its competition, Roland Emmerichís White House Down, by coming out first. And it has a solid cast, adding Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart to a cast led by Butler. But really, itís Die Hard in the White House, with Butler doing his best John McClane. After the abysmal A Good Day to Die Hard, everything looks like a step in a better direction.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen below:

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