Paper Heart Poster

By Josh Tyler 2009-04-30 14:16:38discussion comments
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Michael Cera and Charlyne Yis faux documentary about the meaning of love has a poster. Paper Heart was a success at Sundance and it hits theaters on August 7th.

Paper Heart follows Charlyne as she embarks on a quest across America to make a documentary about the one subject she doesnt fully understand. As she and her good friend (and director) Nicholas search for answers and advice about love, Charlyne talks with friends and strangers, scientists, bikers, romance novelists, and children. They each offer diverse views on modern romance, as well as various answers to the age-old question: does true love really exist? Then, shortly after filming begins, Charlyne meets a boy after her own heart: Michael Cera. As their relationship develops on camera, her pursuit to discover the nature of love takes on a fresh new urgency. Charlyne risks losing the person she finds closest to her heart.

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