Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy Continue To Crush In The Heat Trailer

By Sean O'Connell 2013-01-24 08:58:56discussion comments
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Melissa McCarthy has two high-profile comedies rolling into theaters over the next few weeks. Yet, while her Identity Thief (with Jason Bateman) will reach area screens first, were kind of looking past that to the March release of The Heat thanks to hilarious new international trailers like this one, which recently landed online.

The NSFW clip (thanks to language) was posted on Fox UKs YouTube channel, and continues to sell the mismatched buddy-cop chemistry that McCarthy appears to have with co-star Sandra Bullock. Brilliant casting. Add in the fact that The Heat is director Paul Feigs follow up to the 2011 smash Bridesmaids, and you begin to understand our excitement. Heres the international trailer for The Heat, which arrives on the heels of an hilarious red-band trailer. Prepare to howl.

I grew up worshipping the buddy-cop formula, perfected in movies like Lethal Weapon but lampooned in semi-serious films like Tango & Cash and Running Scared. For whatever reason, Hollywood stopped making those films, even though its a bankable template so long as you get the right people to play off of each other.

Bullock also went through a stretch where she gracefully played off of other, stellar co-stars like Keanu Reeves (Speed), Ben Affleck (Forces of Nature), Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal) and Regina King (the Miss Congeniality films). She makes herself look better while also elevating her co-stars. Its a gift, and from everything that were seeing, she and McCarthy have found a groove that works very, very well for both of their comedic styles. The Heat will be in theaters on April 5. What do you think of it so far?
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