Spock Beams Up Count Chocula

By Mack Rawden 2009-04-21 01:36:28discussion comments
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Growing up as the son of a 1950s breakfast on the table throwback mom, I was always taught cereal was something other kids ate when their motherís were too busy or too lazy to cook a hot meal. Only in recent years has it become clear to me a whole swarm of other people actually enjoy cereal. One of my former roommates even once turned down free pizza because he just felt like eating Frosted Mini-Wheats. I donít get it; so, I guess it only seems fitting cereal would join forces with another form of entertainment which utterly dumbfounds me: Star Trek.

Breakfast giant Kellogs has just announced a crossover partnership with the Enterprise which will see the cereal manufacturer produce multiple lines of limited-edition cereals and PopTarts to coincide with the release of J.J. Abramsí re-imagining of the stalwart franchise. Populated with oats, sugar and marshmallows resembling planets, galaxies and shields, the Star Trek brand cereal will not be eaten by me but likely collected with an obsessive zeal by both cold breakfast enthusiasts and Trekkies.

According to a story picked up from Kelloggs by Jo Blo, Kelloggs will also release special cookies, frozen waffles and t-shirts to commemorate that guy from Harold And Kumar going into space. Yay. Iíll make sure and save the Eggo with Captain Kirkís face on it for future generations.

Star Trek is set to open on May 8th. Iíd recommend buying tickets ahead of time, as this whole Spock with high fructose corn syrup thing sort of hints at the level of fanaticism youíll be competing against for seats.
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