Universal Resurrecting Tremors

By Josh Tyler 2008-11-18 06:34:15discussion comments
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I remember being really freaked out by the posters for Tremors. I was 12 or 13 at the time and the one sheets were everywhere. The idea of monstrous creatures leaping out of the ground to randomly devour humans scared the hell out of me, and Iím pretty sure I also thought these particular beasties were somehow related to the one in Empire Strikes Back, which nearly swallowed the Millenium Falcon. If they almost got the Falcon, what chance did I have?

Tremors was a good idea as a dark, horror comedy back in 1990. I always think of it as 1990ís version of Slither. Unfortunately itís become less of a good idea with each subsequent sequel. Theyíve done three follow ups in fact, the last of which went direct to DVD back in 2004. But being relegated to the DVD bargain bin isnít going to stop them from making another.

Weíve heard from friends on the inside that a fifth Tremors movie is being prepped by Universal Pictures. This one will shift locations to Australia, which should mean at least one or two cool scenes in which the graboids swallow a Kangaroo or a family of Koalas. Theyíre calling it Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under. Odds are itíll end up direct-to-dvd, but with Hollywoodís recent proclivity for rebooting everything in sight, donít rule out the possibility of an attempt to relaunch the thing as a viable, theatrical horror franchise. Standing on shaky ground which may or may not eat your feet is still a pretty scary concept and with Tremors thereís certainly plenty of room to redo it and make it better. Besides, if they keep making those godawful Highlander movies why not do more Tremors?

Weíll know how serious they are about this thing by who they end up casting in it. Bring back Kevin Bacon! Resurrect Reba! She deserves to be eaten.
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