Veronica Mars Release Date Set For March

By Kelly West 2013-12-04 09:57:14discussion comments
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Since the successful Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie wrapped up, weíve known that the film would arrive sometime in 2014, but up until today, we didnít know the exact date. Ahoy Pirates and Marshmallows alike, set your calendars for March 14, 2014, as thatís when Veronica Mars will be arriving in theaters. That's almost a year to the day from when the Kickstarter campaign launched last March.

EW got the exclusive on the release date news, along with confirmation that the filmís title will be Veronica Mars, matching the title of the TV series on which this story is based. At present, the film will share a release date with racing thriller Need for Speed, Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco and Tyler Perryís Single Momís Club. On the subject of the young adult genre audience, itís also worth noting that Veronica Mars arrives a week ahead of the feature adaptation of Divergent.

As for the title, I have my issues with it as it relates to the TV series, mainly because ó before actually watching the show ó I assumed Veronica Mars was some kind of sci-fi teen drama. That was a (partially) incorrect assumption on my part. Iím thinking Iíd make the same assumption about the movie if I didnít know it was based on a TV series about a teen detective. With that said, itís hard to argue with the logic to stick with the familiar here, as itís likely that most of the audience for this film will be fans of the series.

From what we know about the film, Veronica Mars will follow up on Kristen Bellís beloved character as she returns to Neptune years after leaving the Southern California town and her life as a super-sleuth behind to become a hotshot lawyer. Itís her ten year reunion and ó wouldnít you know it? ó someone needs her help. And by someone, we mean Logan (Jason Dohring), Veronicaís ex, who always did have a tendency to get himself into trouble. In this case, heís suspected of murdering his pop star girlfriend. The featurette released back in October suggests Veronica and Loganís old classmate Sean Friedrich may also be involved in this mystery somehow.

In addition to sharing the date and confirming the title EW also has a clip you can check out, which shows Veronica, Mac (Tina Majorino) and Wallace (Percy Daggs III) begrudgingly eying the Neptune High reunion before Veronica checks in and has a face-to-face with former Neptune High Queen Bee Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret). From what we see, sheís still a total B.

While fans will get to Veroncia Mars on the big screen come March 13, some backers (depending on the incentives listed in their pledge) should expect to receive a digital version of the movie within "a few days" if itís theatrical debut. Iíll be interested to see how that affects the filmís box office.
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